Sexual abuse is little understood and many misconceptions exist.  In order to protect children against sexual predators,  false preconceptions must be eradicated, as these can adversely influence allegations when they are made.  Abusers are frequently known to parents or the child, they may be a neighbour or friend or someone in a position of trust, a teacher, a doctor, or a priest.  Where accusations involve those in privileged positions of power such as politicians or celebrities, this must never cloud perception or judgement.


Parents often believe they would know if their child was being sexually abused as their  children would tell them. This is rarely the case. Very few children disclose sexual abuse at the time that it is occurring and for many reasons. Sexual abuse takes many forms and does not always involve acts of physical violence; when it does it is more easily  recognised by the child and  is more likely to be disclosed at the time of the offence. Abuse occurring over time results from patient grooming and may not be perceived as such by the child. Threats of consequences if the relationship is discovered i.e. prison sentences or the child being removed from the family, are frequently used to deter disclosure.


The commonest reason for failure to disclose is that the person will not be believed. Retraction of the allegation is common and may be due to shame or feelings of guilt, reluctance to face court proceedings or fear of consequences for family relationships. An accusation can result in the child being removed to a place of safety and the breakup of the family. Conflicted feelings of guilt for having reported the abuse are common. This effect has been associated with a phenomenon known as “child sexual abuse accommodation syndrome” where the child attempts to reconcile his or her own feelings.


Sexual abuse is linked to power and control. The grooming process, deliberately confuses acceptable social boundaries encouraging a relationship of trust. There are various types of offender, they often have an ability to engage readily with children and to connect with them socially and emotionally.  Vulnerable children who are shy, withdrawn, lonely or rejected by peers are particularly targeted.

  • Most sexual abuse occurs as a result of grooming over time, gaining the trust of the child to encourage ‘sexual play’. This begins as sharing time, gifts and treats. Touching is initially restricted to play fighting and non sexual touching, hugging, arm around the shoulder etc. until a relationship has been established. Touching progresses to a hand on the leg and inappropriate touching over clothes accelerating to genital touch, oral sex and masturbation. Vaginal or anal penetration may or may not occur, the damage may still be irrevocable.
  • Grooming by sexual predators aims to make the child feel special, the child may welcome time spent with the perpetrator, or even feel hurt by the perceived rejection if the abuse ends or they are replaced by another.
  • Grooming aims to create dependency: This involves isolating the child from others, the child becoming emotionally dependent on the perpetrator who gains increasing control.
  • The child’s parents are often sought out and groomed before the child is groomed. The abusers involvement in the family becomes natural and normal, lowering parental guard. In this way suspicions that might arise are dismissed or explained away,


  • Post traumatic stress is frequently associated with child sexual abuse but is often undiagnosed. Deeply buried memories never disclosed may surface decades after the occurrence. This can result in drug and alcohol dependency, emotional trauma, and mental breakdown unless therapy is sought. In favourable circumstances this leads to eventual disclosure but can then result in disbelief and discreditation.
  • Adults who were abused as children often report that they had no awareness that what was happening was wrong. Many only come to realise that their experience constituted abuse as they enter adulthood, and can see the relationship from a new perspective.This realisation causes them to reprocess their experiences and can result in delayed trauma, adversely affecting the ability to create lasting relationships.
  • Adult survivors of child sexual abuse may report still feeling a conflicted love for the perpetrator where a deep  bond had been established, eliciting feelings of self loathing. 
  • Certain triggers can cause abusive memories to resurface, one being the birth of a child, memories are often ignited as the child approaches the age where the original abuse occurred.

To summarise, child sexual abuse is the most abhorrent crime because it steals the innocence of childhood, creating a tangled web of conflicted thoughts and emotions which often become the bedrock of tortured personality. It inflicts damage which is often permanent, leading those afflicted to resort to self medication through drug and alcohol abuse; many end the torment of their life through suicide. Institutionalised abuse  is  ever more apparent. The priesthood of the Catholic church, increasingly mired in controversy, illustrates the link between power and abuse. Elijah Wood is one of many celebrities who have warned of pedophile networks in Hollywood. Whatever the source, we must at all times put the person who has suffered abuse before consideration of the abuser. This begins with a non judgemental approach and a willingness to listen.

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Celebrity Pedophilia

Following release of the harrowing documentary Leaving Neverland, renewed disclosures of sexual abuse by two young men who had previously defended Jackson, force us to separate the man from the music in order to consider the links between celebrity and pedophilia.  Child molestation is the most abhorrent crime and the most difficult to prove or to accept even when the evidence is clear.  For family, friends and admirers who are deeply invested emotionally, it can prove impossible because public perception is that those who commit sexual abuse are monsters incapable of love or tenderness. Research increasingly shows that children often have no perception at the time that they are being subjected to abuse due to the grooming process.  Acceptance of such a horrific crime is irreconcilable with the public image of a celebrity who for many, felt like a personal friend for many years. 

For decades Michael Jackson was not only the most famous recording star on the planet, he was a humanitarian, not just adored but worshipped by a legion of fans for who he expressed a vision of hope.  His generosity was legendary. In 2006 it was confirmed that he donated $300 million to charity, this now exceeds $500 million, he holds the Guiness world record for donating the maximum amount of money as an entertainer. The eternal Peter Pan, he named his home Neverland after the fictional island where children cease to age. As an artist he excelled, inspiring millions and providing the soundtrack to our lives through the decades. Jackson’s childhood was marred by the excessive demands of a bullying father and his own insatiable need to express his creative genius. His attempts to recreate his lost childhood by creating a fantasy world which he shared with young boys, the childhood friends he never had, were indulged by adoring fans and admirers. A unique ability to touch people and to give them a voice, jarred with behaviour which was at best strange and at worst alarming but dismissed as endearingly innocent and understandable as we collectively forgave his ‘eccentricities’.

Child sexual abuse is notoriously difficult to prove, those who testify are frequently not believed, this is compounded when the accused person is a wealthy celebrity in a privileged position with access to the best lawyers. Accusations of child abuse against Michael Jackson were repeatedly dismissed over the years as an attempt to discredit him or for financial gain. In 1993 Evan Chandler, a dentist, accused Jackson of sexually abusing his son, in January 1994 a criminal investigation was closed with a reported agreed out of court settlement of $23,000,000.  In  2004, Jackson was charged with 7 counts related to sexual abuse of a minor, the prosecution bringing 140 witness testimonies. Santa Brabara Senior Assistant District Attorney, Ron Zonen, said of pornographic material found at the ranch “A lot of this stuff was used to desensitise the children”.  A former chef at the Neverland Ranch testified that they had witnessed Jackson act inappropriately towards Macaulay Culkin, alleging that he had seen the singer with his hand down the actor’s pants. Jackson’s former personal maid also attested to witnessing inappropriate behaviour between the Home Alone actor – along with three other boys – and her employer.  Macaulay Culkin initially expressed reluctance to testify but was eventually called as a defence witness, effectively demolishing the highly-publicised trial. Jackson was found not guilty on all counts. 

Childhood perception of sexual abuse at an early age is often skewed due to the manipulation of the abuser, leading to psychological trauma which can take years of counselling to overcome.  Jason Francia, the son of Jackson’s former maid had told police in 1993 that Jackson had touched him inappropriately and testified during Jackson’s 2005 trial, that the abuse took place when he was ten years old. “I was wearing shorts… He reached on my leg and he reached up and into my privates. When the prosecution asked Francia, who was 24 by this time, whether Jackson had ever done anything to make him feel uncomfortable, he responded: “I may not have felt uncomfortable at seven years old but when I think of it now I think that’s wrong, that shouldn’t have been done. It’s taken a lot of counselling just to tell you”.  In 2005 ABC’s Martin Bashir asked Cory Feldman, an abuse survivor himself,  whether or not he had been shown inappropriate imagery by Jackson as a young teen. Feldman  responded: “If you consider it inappropriate for a man to look at a book of naked pictures with a child that’s 13 or 14 years old, then your answer would be ‘yes’.” Today, as a survivor of sexual abuse and an advocate,  he states that while he was never sexually abused by Jackson  “he  can no longer in good conscience  defend anyone who’s being accused of such horrendous things.”

Without an understanding of the complexities of pedophilia it is difficult to accept the many reasons for non disclosure and even more difficult to understand why survivors come forward often decades later, after denying abuse ever took place or even having defended their abuser. The documentary ‘Leaving Neverland’, demonstrates the complex effects of prolonged sexual abuse, the conflicted feelings which allow a survivor to develop a deep emotional bond, even a loving connection with the abuser, particularly if the abuse begins at an early age.  Now young men, accusers Wade Robson and James Safechuck, attempt to explain the grooming process which convinced each of them to believe that they were special and that the behaviour was normal, natural and loving.

Wade was 7 and Safechuck 9 when the abuse is alleged to have begun. They describe how Jackson, used his celebrity to groom each of them, taking them on tour, sharing the stage with them and starring in commercials with them, offering toys, jewellery and money while allegedly abused them sexually over a number of years. Robson says Jackson gave him the famous red jacket worn in the music video; James Safechuck’s hands tremble as he holds a 
jewellery box containing the tokens he says Jackson bought him including the ring given to him during a mock wedding ceremony.  Both state that as they grew older they were replaced by other younger boys  leaving them confused and dismayed. 

Grooming is a predetermined act and is not limited to victims.  In order to gain access to the child, perpetrators groom parents or guardians often over a period of months before any abuse takes place, positioning themselves in the family to gain their trust. This breaks down parental natural defences, the abuser is often accepted as a part of the family network. Jackson built relationships with the families of his accusers, inviting them to share his celebrity lifestyle, becoming a trusted friend of the family. Incredibly,  like so many of the parents they allowed their sons to sleep in his bed. Wade Robson states “The most extraordinary thing in all this is that no-one denies that Jackson took little boys to his bed, night after night, for many, many years. What did his family and business associates think he was doing with these little boys behind a locked door? Did they believe he was actually a child in the body of a man and therefore somehow needed to sleep with little boys? ”

The singer always insisted that sharing his bed was an innocent act. “It’s not sexual, we’re going to sleep. I tuck them in… It’s very charming, it’s very sweet,” he said in Living With Michael Jackson, before adding: “Kids want to be loved, they want to be touched, they want to be held.” He described the act of sharing a bed as “the most loving thing to do”, and admitted to having “slept in a bed with many children”. In a newly unearthed video Jackson discusses accusations of abuse, he refers to the bible and Jesus, saying: Jesus said to love children and be like children; be youthful, be innocent,be pure and honourable…he surrounded himself with children and that’s how I was raised, to be like that and imitate that”







Whatever the truth of his life, the current debate should alert us never to allow celebrity to mask concerns regarding predatory behaviour. Somewhere between the child many would claim was himself a survivor of abuse and the man he became, signs of increasing psychological disturbance mirrored in his appearance and behaviour were dismissed, overshadowed by his prodigious talent. Since the documentary aired, Michael Jackson continues to be a polarising figure; a renewed surge in demands for his music is matched by media platforms distancing themselves from his catalogue.




“Israel is the nation state of the Jewish people – and them alone” Benjamin Netanyahu



Benjamin Netanyahu stated this week:   “Israel is not a state of all its citizens… According to the basic nationality law we passed, Israel is the nation state of the Jewish people – and them alone”.  By definition this excludes Palestinians. This controversial law passed last summer declared Israel the nation-state of the Jewish people, stipulating that “Israel is the historic homeland of the Jewish people and they have an exclusive right to national self-determination in it”.

Millions of Palestinians expelled from their homes in the 1948 Nakba are prevented from returning.  Palestinians living in the annexed portions of the West Bank do not have Israeli citizenship or voting rights in Israel and are subject to movement restrictions by the Israeli government.  For 52 years, millions of Palestinians have been  subjected to a military regime which has facilitated the establishment of illegal settlements colonised by Israeli citizens able to vote creating resulting in the dispossession and  inequality of Palestinians, perpetrated through land control, immigration and resource distribution.  Israeli settlements create separate roads for Israeli and Palestinian citizens and Palestinians are subject to military checkpoints. Basic human rights are eroded on a daily basis, Hebrew is now the only official language with the Arabic language downgraded from an official language to a language with “special status”, 

Nadim Rouhana,  a ‘conflict studies’ scholar wrote: “there are few honest observers in Israel who dispute that a Jewish state, by definition, privileges one group of citizens over another”. As Prime Minister Netanyahu, leader of the most right wing government in Israeli history, seeks a fifth term of office it was announced that he will be indicted on charges of bribery and breach of trust charges arising from three separate corruption charges.He denies all charges.


The institutionalised racial, political and economic discrimination which formerly oppressed the non white  population of South Africa, is now upheld in Israel and condoned by the United Nations whose members fail to protect the indigenous Palestinian people.


The United Nations General Assembly (17 December 1981) 

Policies of apartheid of the Government of South Africa

The UN acknowledged “apartheid is a crime against humanity and a threat to international peace and security   “…..apartheid                               cannot be reformed but must be totally eliminated” 

  • (The Directive) Reaffirms the commitment of the United Nations to the total eradication of apartheid and the establishment of a democratic society in which all the people of South Africa as a whole, irrespective of race, colour, sex or creed, will enjoy equal and full human rights and fundamental freedoms and participate freely in the determination of their destiny.
  • Convinced that it is incumbent on the international community to provide all necessary assistance to the oppressed people of South Africa and their national liberation movement in their legitimate struggle for the establishment of a democratic society in accordance with their inalienable rights, as set forth in the Charter of the United Nations and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,
  • Reaffirms the legitimacy of the struggle of the oppressed people of South Africa and their national liberation movement, by all available means including armed struggle, for the seizure of power by the people, the elimination of the apartheid regime and the exercise of the right of self-determination by the people of South Africa as a whole,
  • Denouncing the policy of “bantustanization” designed to deprive the African majority of citizenship and to further dispossess it of its inalienable rights, as well as the continuing forced removals of millions of black people, as an international crime,
  • Reaffirming that freedom fighters of South Africa are entitled to prisoner-of-war status under Additional Protocol I to the Geneva Conventions of 1949,
  • Concerned that some Western countries and Israel continue to provide military supplies to South Africa, directly and indirectly, in gross violation of the provisions of Security Council resolution 418 (1977) of 4 November 1977, forbidding the supply of arms and all related materiel to the apartheid regime.

As the world waits for a Nelson Mandela the Palestinians continue to be dispossessed and dehumanised.

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Parallel Realities

Efforts to dismiss the recent incident at the Lincoln Memorial  as ‘Fake News’ by President Trump and others is a further example of the current extreme political polarisation in America. President Trump lost no time in tweeting in support of the students and inviting them to the White House, his views predictably retweeted.








In  comparison and in the tradition of ‘Walking the Talk’ Wayne William Snellgrove a survivor of the Canadian policy that stole indigenous babies and farmed them out to other parts of the world has extended an invitation to attend a sacred Healing Ceremony  “to the students, their school, their families, their dioceses. All clergy are welcome. ..Nathan will be invited also. Our Elders and Ancestors say that ceremony is the best place we can be .This is where we must go as Indigenous. Covington MAGA hat young incident was sad.  But we must raise above, we must practice our walk. Turning our prayers into action. We show the world, compassion, love and Light. Let us create a space for these youth and their families. This affects us all, and all must be invited. I personally invite these youths to sacred healing ceremony where we will sit and talk with our hearts. We are not asking for you to say sorry. I am are asking you to come sit with us in ceremony and talk from your heart. This is where we must go. This invitation has no expiration date. We will be waiting for you in ceremony.”
Wayne William Snellgrove,
Saulteaux Tribe, Fishing Lake First Nation.

Those who choose to dismiss the warning signs of racial hostility rather than heed them, are as much at fault as those who whip up the media frenzy at every opportunity.  As the media attempts to unravel the facts to determine who or what initiated the incident, the fuller picture is emerging and in fact corroborates Mr Phillip’s account.  Context being everything, it is important to remember that on the day in question several protests were taking place by different groups including a Native American rally to protest against the Dakota Access Pipe Line which Nathan Phillips was attending, while the students of Covington Catholic High School were attending a March for Life anti abortion rally.  Longer versions of the earlier video confirm Nathan Phillips description of what occurred. Four black youths, identifying themselves as ‘The Hebrew Israelites’ who believe black Americans are God’s chosen people, were preaching their beliefs in a provocative manner and shouting racial and homophobic slurs towards a large group of white youths, many wearing ‘Make America Great Again’ hats.  Mr Phillips has described how his protest group were located in their designated area and were coming to the end of their rally, aware of the growing confrontation between the white and black youths which had been going on for some 2 hours, with the group of white youths now numbering some 200.

Nathan  Phillips believed this might escalate into violence and stepped forward between the two groups. The ceremonial drum which he was beating is a symbol of peace, an act of prayer,  ‘the way we communicate with God’. As so often happens when  a third party intervenes in someone else’s argument, Mr Phillips became the target with Nick Sandeman confronting him in an intimidating manner. The students  surrounded them and can be seen and heard ridiculing Mr Phillips with war whoops and ‘tomahawk chop’ gestures. While some have tried to dismiss this behaviour as youthful exuberance, other shouts heard on the video including ‘it’s not rape if you enjoy it’ testify to the hostile environment. Chase Iron Law, an attorney and a member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe has described how ‘tomahawk chop’ gestures and pseudo ‘war whoops’  incorporated into American culture are an example of ignorance which breeds intolerance. Whether intended or not they are  offensive and constitute a racial slur against native Americans.




Nathan Phillips a Native American elder  is a well known activist for their  causes.  While singing a protest song and beating his drum at a Lincoln Memorial gathering he found himself on the fringe of an altercation  between white and black youths. As he tried to pass by he became surrounded by the white youths, many wearing the signature Donald Trump ‘Make America Great Again’ cap, who taunted and mocked him.  One young man blocked his way in a confrontational manner and tried to stare him down but he kept singing and drumming. Phillips has described focussing upon the reason for his protest and remembering his wife who died of cancer four years ago. A video recording of the event has gone viral, drawing outrage and forcing an apology from the Catholic Diocese of the school the youths attend. Ironically the students of Kentucky’s Covington Catholic High School were taking part in an anti abortion rally but showed little ‘respect for life’ towards Mr Phillips. Continue reading



The term ‘Pre Columbian’ civilizations refers to societies affected by the arrival of Columbus in 1492 and the subsequent colonisation by Europeans. Geographically Mesoamerica includes Central Mexico to Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Cost Rica. These ancient societies combined moral codes and spiritual beliefs with the sciences of astronomy, physics and medicine with advanced skills in ceramics and metallurgy.

Amerindians are the indigenous people of North, Central and South America, their history dates back 30,000 years. At the end of the Ice Age their ancestors journeyed from their original home in Siberia, across the Bering land bridge and into Alaska.  By 8,000 BC their descendants, the Native Americans had spread across the entire north American continent. From around 5,500 BC Amerindians became highly skilled farmers, tribes in Mexico cultivated vegetables, raised animals for food and hunted deer and bison, while fish became the staple food of coastal tribes.  After 2000 BC Amerindian tribes developed States, each governing thousands of people with extensive trade routes and established shipping lines across the continents. Their innovative planting and  irrigation schemes ensured their people were fed. The idea of private land ownership was alien to them, land was held communally and worked collectively.  Continue reading


How do we differentiate between cultural tradition and what is effectively torture?


FGM (female genital mutilation) falls within the definition of abuse under international law i.e. physical,  psychological, emotional, or sexual where the person could not have consented or were pressurised into consenting. It aims to ensure premarital virginity and marital fidelity by reducing the woman’s libido in an effort to resist extramarital sexual acts. Traditionally girls who are cut increase their marriage prospects. FGM is the ritual cutting or removal of some or all of the external female genitalia. Cutting is considered a  cultural ‘rite of passage’ to initiate girls into womanhood and is accompanied by communal celebration with gifts bestowed. The procedure is done without anaesthetic, often performed by traditional circumcisers or ‘cutters’ who do not have any medical training. In some countries it may be done by a medical professional in the belief that the procedure is then safer.

  • The procedure is cultural and not part of any religious tradition
  • There are no health benefits and serious complications often arise
  • It reflects deep-rooted inequality between the sexes, and constitutes an extreme form of discrimination against women.

FGM  is found in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, and within communities from countries in which FGM is common. Girls are at risk of being returned to their home countries for FGM especially during holiday periods to allow for healing to take place.  It is  is mostly carried out on young girls between infancy and age 15, commonly before puberty begins. It is estimated that between 50 and 60% remain unaware that they have been subjected to the procedure if carried out in infancy or early childhood due to trauma memory being suppressed.

Continue reading

“Suffer the little children to come unto Me” Jesus


Paedophile priests, teachers at the Anonio Provolo Institute for the deaf   in Italy and Argentina  designed  ‘special secret signs’ to initiate sexual abuse of boys, as young as 11 years old. The signs were designed to remain incomprehensible  to those who could understand sign language ensuring secrecy was maintained.The priests had no fear of being caught as  the children were deaf and mute and unable to call for help. Noone could hear the screams of those being abused. Guiseppe, abused for seven years from the age of 11 described how he could not at first understand the meaning of the signs  ‘Then one day it became very clear when one of the priests made the secret sign for fellatio when we were alone, which was followed by him pushing his erect penis into my mouth.’   Priests would make one of the signs to indicate that a boy was taken to appointed rooms under the guise of ‘time out’ or to rest. ‘Sometimes you would see priests coming into the dormitory at night, or you would see friends with tears rolling down their faces and you knew exactly what had just happened. You didn’t need to hear to know.’  Attempts by children to alert parents by writing letters failed because mail had to be given to the abusers making it possible to intercept the letters.




Many bishops see urgent reform as the only way to save the church in light of repeated scandals involving sexual abuse by priests. The agenda at the Bishops bi annual conference held in Baltimore on November 12th 2018, included proposals for a code of conduct for bishops and a lay panel to investigate claims of misconduct or negligence by bishops. These were the proposals.

  • A full investigation into how bishops allowed McCarrick to be promoted
  • Archbishop Carlo Viganò’s claims of a homosexual network acting within the hierarchy
  • Opening of confidential channels for reporting complaints against bishops

Under canon law, only the Pope can hold bishops accountable and this proposal was apparently perceived as a threat by Francis who intervened to delay the vote.

Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, president of the USCCB, appeared bemused as he announced that the Holy See had insisted at the 11th hour that the bishops should not vote on their own proposals. Instead they must wait until after February when Pope Francis meets at the Vatican with the heads of bishops’ conferences from around the world. Skeptics view this as a further means of delaying long needed action. Continue reading

“The words Presidents use can start wars or move markets”

Language is social – It is the tool that conveys traditions and values related to group identity, a means of expressing our thoughts, feelings and intentions to those we are talking to. Used respectfully it enriches and enables, used negatively it can demean and even demonize both individuals and social groups.‘Transliteration’ is a particular form used to emphasise something important that a writer or speaker would like to express. It can be framed to be inclusive, i.e. encompassing divergent views or groups, or be divisive, promoting disagreement or open hostility. It requires a certain skill. President Trump is no orator and is limited to hyperbole, devoid of diplomacy and nuance, using the basic principles of repetition, simplistic ideas and short phrases known to appeal  to voters’ emotions, rather than their intellects. This approach encourages the listener’s imagination, transporting them to a scenario in tune with their beliefs, when this is fear based, deep seated emotions are ignited. Energy is magnified by the numbers present, political rallies providing the perfect environment to whip up passions, creating a perfect storm. Continue reading