‘From Sea to Shining Sea’  –  August 21st 2017

 Astronomical significance: The light of the sun is eclipsed by the moon as it passes over, casting a shadow upon the Earth.

Metaphysical significance: The sun represents Father/Spirit/Divine Masculine/External expression. The moon represents Mother/Earth/Divine Feminine/Introspection.

In metaphysical terms a total solar eclipse represents an Initiation experience requiring introspection, an opportunity for self examination, looking within. The light is temporarily eclipsed, revealing the true consciousness, individual perception and intention, whether at an individual or collective level.

The ‘eclipse parties’ as thousands watched the event are an example of the external rather than internal experience of the observers. This was not simply an event to be observed but one with major impact denoting a major shift.


Sacred Numerology Esoteric codes decipher the meaning of events through the resonance of numbers:.

Location and Timing:  This is the first solar eclipse to cross the entire continent of America in 99 years. 99 is a Master number, a soul message to extend effort at a point of closure. In simple terms this was a cosmic event directly affecting the American continent and its people. An initiatory experience where the collective consciousness is revealed.

The eclipse began at Oregon, the 33rd state, ending at South Carolina, at the 33rd parallel (33 is a Master number resonating with cosmic consciousness, wisdom and justice) denoting the degree of  spiritual attainment. The eclipse cast a 70 mile wide shadow across the whole American continent from coast to coast, linking the southern states from Carolina to the western states of California and Oregon. 7 resonates with collective consciousness and spiritual awakening. 10 is the number of evolutionary journeys. 70 is a sacred number relating to transitions, the culmination of a cycle.

A solar eclipse often signals major historical conflicts and shifts in power relations.

  • A solar eclipse that blackened the sun over the important Mediterranean seaport of Tyre just before Alexander the Great invaded Persia.
  • A solar eclipse passed over the Russian Army on the 21st of August in 1915, this was at the outbreak of World War I. That same solar eclipse also marked the day that saw the opening clashes on the Western Front.
  • The last time a solar eclipse passed over the US was in 1918, this was the year that saw the beginning of America’s post war rise to prominence.
  • 1948 A solar eclipse passed over the center of Korea with the division into North and South.  NASA map shows the path of the Korean War solar eclipse of May 9th 1948.  2018 would be a 70 year cycle.

SPIRIT AND MATTER – An Astrological Perspective

Cosmic Astrology is a divine science which investigates the configuration of planetary bodies and their influence upon human conduct and behaviour. The New Age movement places great value on free choice as opposed to indoctrination, this is not coincidental  but rather a reflection of the  energy of the Aquarian Age. Free thinking, Innovation and enlightenment are words which express Aquarian energy in its positive form; it is not surprising therefore that at this point many might feel  an ambivalence towards prescribed religious dogma with a yearning for  spiritual enlightenment  in another form. The very word ‘religion’ (from the Latin ‘relegare’ meaning to tie or bind) seems to indicate restriction and limitation yet it denotes a binding to God as opposed to the sensory pull  of the physical world. We can therefore be spiritual without being religious but should not aspire to be religious without being spiritual!

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Age of Aquarius…. We the People


2012 passed without the ‘end of the world’’ scenario envisaged by many. As we stand on the cusp of the Age at the transition from Pisces to Aquarius, the cycle brings an acceleration of energy equating with freedom from spiritual bondage. True freedom is the right to choose, often wrongly interpreted as being ‘free to do as we wish’ which is in fact rebellion. Our choices reflect our spiritual values, observed in our attitude and behavior, both individually and collectively.

The people of all nations are awakening to a new realization as the lies and deceit of past decades and centuries are revealed. Governments stagger and stumble from one financial crisis to another in an attempt to avert economic collapse as the birth pangs of the new dynamic emerge. The ‘fiscal cliff’ loomed in America as Senators bickered and defered decisions with the nations of Europe sliding into obscurity and ever more dependence upon ‘bail outs’ from their economic masters. Continue reading