Spiritual Alchemy


Alchemy – the very word conjures up visions of medieval sorcerers poring over their crucibles in an attempt to turn base metal into gold. Although great efforts were indeed made by medieval alchemists to achieve such ends, the true meaning of ‘alchemy’ has been distorted and lost through the Ages. While the dictionary may state that the origin is French ‘alquemie’ meaning ‘mixture’, we must go back to pre history for the true origins. The word alchemy is derived from Khem, the original name for the land of Egypt which took its name from ‘the Khema’ a group of seven stars in the constellation of Taurus, known today as the Pleiades. The prefix Al was added much later through Arabic Egyptian assimilation. Continue reading


My intention in writing this article was to pose the question: Is technology driving us towards a godless society?  As a starting point I decided to google ‘God’ simply to obtain a definition, expecting of course that there would be several.  Of the the first 3  references: 2 referred to the release of the film Godzilla which grossed  $93 million dollars in its opening weekend and $518,369,590  within weeks. The third reference was to the web hosting giant ‘godaddy’. None of the remaining references related to a Creator, a Supreme Being  or a Deity.  God, whatever we assume that word to mean, would seem to have been supplanted in the mass consciousness by commercialism and entertainment; the question however remains – what part if any does technology play in this?. Continue reading

SPIRIT AND MATTER – An Astrological Perspective

Cosmic Astrology is a divine science which investigates the configuration of planetary bodies and their influence upon human conduct and behaviour. The New Age movement places great value on free choice as opposed to indoctrination, this is not coincidental  but rather a reflection of the  energy of the Aquarian Age. Free thinking, Innovation and enlightenment are words which express Aquarian energy in its positive form; it is not surprising therefore that at this point many might feel  an ambivalence towards prescribed religious dogma with a yearning for  spiritual enlightenment  in another form. The very word ‘religion’ (from the Latin ‘relegare’ meaning to tie or bind) seems to indicate restriction and limitation yet it denotes a binding to God as opposed to the sensory pull  of the physical world. We can therefore be spiritual without being religious but should not aspire to be religious without being spiritual!

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Bodies of Light

‘Light bodies’ can seem like a euphemism unless we understand the basic structure and anatomy of the subtle energy system. We acknowledge that human beings operate from a gross physical body, influenced to some degree by thoughts and feelings which reflect individual personality. We are taught that thoughts are a response to chemical interaction in the brain and that emotions are a response by the endocrine system to the neurological processes. Both statements are partially true but fail to take into account the primary stimulus.photon_dance_2_by_zwopper-d30hffuWhat is it that activates the brain chemistry and triggers sensory reaction? The answer is Light. A photon is the smallest measurable element of electromagnetic radiation, a form of radiant energy, the origin and movement are as yet little understood.

Biological research now proves that cells communicate with each other through a process of electrical discharge. Biophotons (from the Greek βίος meaning ‘life’ and φῶς meaning ‘light’) act upon the entire electromagnetic spectrum transferring information through each of its layers. Biophotons emitted by the human body therefore modulate fundamental physiological processes. (See: Molecules of Emotion by Candace Pert) Continue reading

Building the Bodies of Light

biophotonsHealthy organisms are light dependent

While familiar with physical anatomy most people remain unaware of the structure of subtle energy anatomy.Throughout time mystics, saints and masters have described what we now know to be the electromagnetic field confirmed by science.

While the physical body is justly acknowledged as miraculous in its complexity this is only one part of our story. Our origins are spiritual, we inhabit an infinitely more amazing Screen shot 2015-05-17 at 20.28.23structure of form and formlessness incorporating bodies of light which resonate to as yet unimagined spheres of frequency. It has been said that God must have a sense of humour for the encapsulated light bodies which are the matrix of our fullest potential might be likened to fields with gates; unless we can unlock the gates we can not enter the next field. Our perception remains limited by the belief that our field is the only one, that we have in fact arrived. Continue reading

SHADOW AND LIGHT: Paranormal encounters

The debate over what constitutes positive or negative experience  continues. We know that light exists but for many there is a refusal to acknowledge darkness or duality.  Since the human body is dependent upon light for life it is important to clarify what is beneficial and what is not.  Light is  ‘electromagnetic radiation, the main source of which is the sun’. Shadow is defined as ‘ a dark area or shape produced by a body coming between rays of light and a surface’. This is  ‘an opposition or contrast’ what we might describe as  blocking the  light.bright-light-650x372

During earthly life the human energy field radiates light which can be seen clairvoyantly or photographed using specialised technology. The subtle energy body of one who has left the physical body  can also be seen, often clearly as a full body manifestation; not a shadowy figure but a vibrant,recognisable personality. Deceased relatives and friends may visit and be observed momentarily; this is benign contact, simply the means by which they wish to assure loved ones of their continued existance.   Continue reading

WATER CRYSTALS – Matrix and Molecules



It is a Divine Principle that matrix patterns originate in a vibrational field of spirit to become encapsulated in matter, the density of  the physical world.  The ‘downloaded’ atoms and molecules vibrate as consciousness perceived or not. Animal life, vegetation and what we  consider to be inanimate objects such as rocks or crystals emit variable, measurable vibrational frequencies. Organic material has a finely tuned sensory awareness and responds to stimuli. 

When the Japanese researcher Dr Masaru Emoto published his findings on the molecular construction of  frozen water crystals there was widespread incredulity. Not only was he able to demonstrate the unique formation, the blueprint  but that the inherent consciousness responded to environment.The research showed that the matrix pattern of the frozen samples was  maintained or changed by exposure to environmental pollution, music, to spoken and written words and even to thoughts.

Air on a G string by Bach

Those with an understanding of resonance are not surprised to see the effect of vibration as demonstrated through music.The crystal molecules also showed an abilty to restore the original pattern in favaourable circumstances. The potential consequences for mankind are unimaginable.  

Heavy Metal music

All life resonates at specific vibrational frequency,at the optimum level in a harmonious environment and at a reduced level in dissonance.


Dr Emoto was simply using todays technology to reveal what the ancients already knew.The same effect was demonstrated with words, either  spoken or written and taped to the sample. Angry or aggressive language distorts the crystalline pattern.

The filligree lacy pattern of  ‘I love you‘. A positive attitude and loving feelings maintain cellular structure in organic matter, including the human body.   The work of Bruce Lipton in his groundbreaking work Biology of Belief examines the link between belief systems and cellular response. Dr. Candace Pert’s book Molecules of Emotion demonstrated that thought patterns trigger the genes. 

The frozen water crystals of ‘I will kill you‘. become an unstructured mass. The comparison might be made with cancer cells which lose their structure to become invasive when not aligned to the highest potential.

Dr. Emoto explains that the water molecule H2O consists of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen. Emoto has concluded from this, that only if gratitude exists twice (H2) love can take an active shape and have an effect. He is convinced that  LOVE and GRATITUDE are the essential energetic components in maintaining wellbeing. 


Paranormal Matters:  http://www.rainbowlightfoundation.net/Paranormal_Matters_Radio.html

9th June 2014: Healing Water – Matrix and Molecules