Historically churches have always been built on sacred sites to commemorate oral traditions, enabling archeologists to tie buildings to the events which shape history. A 14 year archaeological investigation, the largest ever carried out into Roman period Nazareth – has unearthed a house, complete with pottery fragments commonly used by Jewish families of the era, dating to the time in which Jesus lived. The house is located beneath the Sisters of Nazareth Convent where nuns lived from the 1st century AD.  Ken Dark, professor of archaeology and history at Reading University said Fieldwork has suggested that a cave church built directly adjacent to the house in the 4th century, corresponds to the time Christianity was adopted as the state religion of the Roman Empire under Emperor Constantine.

Further excavation unearthed a 5th century church built over both the house and the cave church. This would have been the largest church in Nazareth, an elaborately decorated cathedral with marble and mosaics matching a 7th century description of the large Byzantine church that was said to have stood on the site of Jesus’ home. Nazareth was previously believed to have been a small hamlet but is now considered to have had a population of around a thousand.

In the time of Jesus, Nazareth was religiously very conservative and politically anti-Roman.  Religious values and practice differed greatly from the neighbouring town of Sepphoris. Jesus has long been identified with the Essene spiritual community of Nazareth who rejected the Jewish priesthood of the day as hypocrites.

This is the second time archeologists have announced significant findings prior to Christmas.  On December 22nd 2009, Israeli archeologists announced that they had unearthed for the first time, the remains of a 1st century dwelling from the Jewish village of Nazareth, officially confirming the previously disputed existence of the hamlet of Nazareth to the era in which Jesus lived. This excavation site is adjacent to the Church of the Annunciation seen in the background, built to commemorate the place where, according to tradition, the Archangel Gabriel revealed to Mary that she would conceive a son by divine intervention. Gabriel is said to have appeared to Mary when she was going to collect water from the well.  The site has uncovered a two roomed house with a courtyard in which there is ‘a rock hewn cistern into which rainwater was conveyed’ providing support for the historical account.

Each Christmas the words are read throughout the world: “In the sixth month the angel Gabriel was sent by God to a town in Galilee called Nazareth, to a virgin betrothed to a man whose name was Joseph, of the house of David. The virgin’s name was Mary…..”

 “Greetings, you who are highly favoured! The Lord is with you” (The words of the angel were later translated in the opening words of the Rosary prayer:  “Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee,” in Latin: Ave Maria, gratia plena, Dominus tecum) “Mary was greatly troubled at his words and wondered what kind of greeting this might be. But the angel said to her, “Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favour with God. And now, you will conceive in your womb and bear a son, and you will name him Jesus. He will be great, and will be called the Son of the Most High, and the Lord God will give to him the throne of his ancestor David.  He will reign over the house of Jacob forever, and of his kingdom there will be no end.”  Mary said to the angel, “How can this be, since I know not a man?”  The angel said to her, “The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you; therefore  the child to be born will be holy; he will be called Son of God. And now, your relative Elizabeth in her old age has also conceived a son; and this is the sixth month for her who was said to be barren. For nothing will be impossible with God.”


The biblical gospels are those approved by mainstream Christianity throughout the centuries, they represent a  remnant of numerous earlier accounts which were ruled unacceptable to the church hierarchy. The Protevangelium of James, believed to be written by James, a brother of Jesus, was disputed but describes the lineage of Mary as the daughter of Ann and Joachim, a wealthy man. The couple who were childless lived in Nazareth and Sepphoris, the capital of Galilee some 6 kilometres away. They went to the Temple of Jerusalem on a Feast Day to give offerings but were publicly humiliated by the priest for their infertility which was considered a reproach from God.  Bereft, they prayed and promised that any child born to them would be dedicated to God. An angel appeared to each of them separately, announcing the birth of a child “a daughter most blessed, by whom all the nations of the earth will be blessed, and through whom will come the salvation of the world.” 

A daughter, Mary, was born to them in Sepphoris and at the age of three they gave her into the keeping of the women of the Temple of Jerusalem who raised the daughters of those assigned as Temple Virgins. Eight years later, Joachim died, Ann died one year later, both are buried in The Valley of Josaphat not far from the Garden of Gethsemane.

At the age of puberty, Temple virgins were returned to their homes as cultural laws prohibited menstruating women from entering the temple complex. They remained in service to the Temple however and the text describes how, as part of her temple duties, Mary was called upon to help weave the curtain for the Holy of Holies in the Temple of Jerusalem.  Mary, one of seven virgins from the line of David, was working on this task in her Nazareth home when she went out to fetch some water from a well positioned over an underground spring. It was then, according to legend, that the Archangel Gabriel appeared with the message:

Following her return to Nazareth as a young girl of marriageable age, Mary was betrothed (promised in marriage).  In ancient Israel ‘betrothal’ was considered a sacred institution, young girls could be betrothed from the age of 12 but couples continued to live with their parents until the marriage took place two or three years later, at which time the young woman went to live with her husband and the marriage was consummated. Betrothal was more important than the marriage itself, the couple having agreed to the marriage contract which defined and protected tribal marriage rights and the rights of future children. During the period of betrothal, couples remained separated, forbidden from seeing one another, the punishment for adultery was therefore severe and included banishment or stoning.

The elders selected Joseph, an ageing widower with grown up sons, to be Mary’s betrothed. He initially objected saying  “I have children, and I am an old man, and she is a young girl”  but accepted their ruling when a sign was received. When, following the visitation of the angel, Mary became pregnant and hid herself away and visited her cousin Elizabeth’s home in Aim Keram, south west of Jerusalem. Elizabeth confirmed that she too was pregnant, her son would become John the Baptist.  Mary returned to Nazareth but Joseph finding her now heavily pregnant believed she had been unfaithful and decided to divorce her privately to break the betrothal contract. This only required two witnesses and no grounds were needed to be given, rather than publicly going through the Jewish courts. An angel then appeared to Joseph in a dream saying:  “Joseph son of David, do not be afraid to take Mary home as your wife, because what is conceived in her is from the Holy Spirit. She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins.” Joseph accepted the message but their marriage was delayed by the need to travel to Bethlehem to register for the Roman Census.

The belief in the birth of Jesus by divine intercession has provoked heated debate for centuries. Historians and linguists have argued whether the Hebrew term ‘almah’ was interpreted accurately as ‘virgin’, many stating that ‘almah’ could  mean ‘a maiden’ or ‘a young unmarried woman’. Biblical texts were repeatedly mistranslated over centuries and a Hebrew to Greek translation by Jewish scholars translated ‘almah’ as ‘pathenos’ meaning ‘a young woman’, this began the centuries old argument suggesting that ‘virgin’ was a mistranslation. Today there is academic agreement that the word ‘almah’ means virgin in the true sense. Almah’ the term for virgin means “the concealed one” or “the veiled one.” referring to the custom of betrothed girls wearing veils over their faces as a sign of seclusion, or concealment, during the time of betrothal.

  •  Robert Dick Wilson a celebrated Hebrew scholar, proficient in 45 biblically related languages declared that ‘almah” never meant ‘young married woman’ and that the presumption of common law is that every ‘almah’ is virtuous unless she can be proved not to be.
  • Professor William Beck a theologian who translated the Old Testament stated: ‘I have searched exhaustively for instances where ‘almah’ might mean a non virgin or a married woman. There is no passage  where ‘almah” is not a virgin, nowhere in the bible or elsewhere does ‘almah” mean anything but a virgin.’
  •  Cyrus Gordon a scholar of enormous range in linguistics and social history including Aramaic-Syriac-Mandaic and art and archeology of the near East, Assyriology, Egypto-Semitic studies and Hebrew inscriptions stated that ‘recent archeological evidence confirms that ‘almah’ means virgin.’

The Church of St. Gabriel built over “Mary’s Spring” has been rebuilt many times over the centuries. The spring feeds the well where villagers once congregated to share news and  fill their pitchers (pictured 1891).  William Rae Wilson describes “a well of the Virgin, which supplied the inhabitants of Nazareth with water” in his book, Travels in Egypt and the Holy Land.

The historical record details the life and times of the family into which Jesus was born. If untrue this is a compendium of lies and to what purpose? While divine intervention remains an impossible explanation for many, we cannot dismiss the fact that the  birth of Jesus Christ resulted in a global network of faithful followers to the present time. In addition to Christians millions more, including Buddhists, Muslims, agnostics and New Age followers see his life as an exemplary pattern for their own. Jesus Christ is persistently ranked as the most influential person who ever lived.


Metaphysics of the Christmas Story

Star of Bethlehem -An Astrological Configuration

BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT – Correcting the Carbon Dating of the Turin Shroud



For many the most unexpected and poignant evidence comes from botanists who  identified microscopic pollen grains retrieved from the threads of the Shroud.  Botanic samples  proved to be native to France, the Mediterranean area and Israel, compatible with the narrative of the Shroud having been brought from Palestine to Europe by Knights Templar after the Crusades.

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‘Let no one ignorant of geometry enter here‘ was engraved over the door of Plato’s Academy. Sacred Geometry is an ancient science, it seeks to understand how the universe organises and unifies all things precisely. It is not difficult to see an indication of purpose and intention within the Grand Design. Every natural pattern of growth or movement manifests within one or more geometric shapes, the building blocks of Creation. Throughout time spiritual movements have used sacred geometry as symbolic representation to describe their  aspirations. Two overlapping circles create an almond shape in the centre, referred to as the Vesica Pisces, the womb of Creation.

The circles can also represent the trinity of body, mind and spirit and the Ascension of the Soul. The ‘fish’ symbol adopted by the early Christians is derived from the Vesica Pisces, the tail  incorporating the upper and lower circles as a path of choice. Continue reading

3rd SECRET OF FATIMA – Fall of the Church


Recent events indicating the degree of corruption by many  priests including the  Vatican hierarchy, has reignited the question as to whether the 3rd Secret of Fatima was ever fully released.  Many of those who have read the message state that it was an advance warning by Mary the mother of Jesus concerning the corruption of the church by many in the priesthood, a consistent theme of Marianne appearances the world over.  The scandal of child sexual abuse by clergy which today threatens the very fabric of the church could never have been imagined in 1917. 

The Fatima message delivered by Mary in 1917 to Lucy aged 9, Franscisco aged 9 and Jacinta aged 6, was given in three parts, Lucy was entrusted with the part known as the 3rd Secret and instructed that this was not to be divulged until 1960 “when it will be better understood”.  Lucy entered a convent and lived a life of seclusion but In 1944, when she fell ill, her bishop insisted that she write the Secret message down as it was feared she might die.  Lucy resisted but on January 3rd, wrote it down on a single piece of paper, placed it in an envelope and sealed it, reminding the bishop that it was  to be opened after 1960 or on her death. In March 1957 Bishop de Silva noted that “the Secret is about 25 lines long and is written on a single sheet of paper with 3/4 centimetre margins on both sides” On April 4th 1957, the letter was placed in the  Vatican Secret Archives of the Holy Office ‘for safe keeping’.

Sister Lucy’s last interview, published without pre-authorization of the Vatican was in 1957 when she alluded to contents of the 3rd Secret… many nations disappearing from the face of the earth, the crisis in the priesthood, and the consequence of ignoring Mary’s message. Following this she was effectively under a ‘gag’ order from the Vatican; there is personal testimony that she was coerced into confirming the authenticity of the Vatican text released much later.  The Fatima Centre campaigned to free Sister Lucy from this imposition of silence, repeatedly asking the Vatican to allow her to publicly affirm or deny the various statements attributed to her regarding the Third Secret and the Fatima Message. This permission was never granted. Continue reading



The Fatima message given one hundred years ago is for today.   Intercession on behalf of humanity is a final attempt to warn of the compounded errors which inevitably culminate in disaster unless we steer a different course. The concept of Divine Intercession requires us to accept a consciousness beyond the human, an impossible idea for those who perceive human intelligence as the pinnacle of evolution.  If, however, we allow for the possibility of something greater than ourselves, we can investigate in a spirit of enquiry in order to decide whether or not to heed the message; this is an act of Free Will, something which can not be violated even by a divine intermediary. The Marian shrines of Catholicism commemorate the numerous reported occurrences of visitations and communication by Mary the mother of Jesus, over the centuries; the common denominator in all her appearances is the ‘tap of love’, the motherly reminder of mistakes and their consequences. Referred to as ‘Our Lady’, Mary is for catholics the epitome of motherhood, a divine intermediary interceding for mankind, asking that we acknowledge our mistakes and correct our conduct. The catholic themes of  ‘Prayer and Penance’ are somewhat incomprehensible for non believers, together they create a powerful catalyst, for prayer is an act of humility, a request for assistance from a higher source, while penance is the means by which our errors are corrected. Continue reading

QUANTUM HOLOGRAM – Explaining the Resurrection

The Shroud of Turin, traditionally believed to be the linen cloth which wrapped the body of Jesus in the tomb, is the most investigated artefact in human history, examination of the shroud using the latest technology continues.  Photogrammetric restitution has revealed previously unknown phenomena which opens up new horizons for science. The geometrical data was obtained by enlarging very small sections of photographic negatives using high resolution scanning. Restitution geometry determines shape, size and position of an object in space. The shroud images showed flawless contours produced by radiation ‘while the body adopted different positions indicating it was moving.

The phenomenon of the Shroud is similar to stroboscopic photography which captures a rapid series of images of a moving object on a single frame, using a flash that emits multiple quick bursts of light. Multiple images superimposed on the Shroud during the short bursts of energy transmission create a blurring effect, due to movement of the body.

The marks on the shroud correlate with  the traditional account of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Crucifixion cuts the radial nerve (the major nerve running through the arm to the wrist and the palm) causing the thumb to flex inwards to the palm. A series of Restitution images show movement of the thumb from the palm to between the fingers. Continue reading

MIRACLES – ‘Do this in memory of me’

The definition of a miracle is ‘an extraordinary and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore attributed to a divine agency‘.  Religion is a mystery yet science continues to establish evidence of miraculous events.  In a cynical world where religious ritual is widely dismissed and a belief in divinity is viewed incredulously, how then can we explain the laboratory experiments which leave scientists bewildered by their own results? While respect for all religious traditions is paramount, the Catholic belief in ‘Transubstantiation’ is perhaps one of the most difficult to accept, with many even among the faithful interpreting this sacrament as symbolic rather than literal.  Holy Communion is the foundation of the Christian church, a sacrament honouring the request of Jesus Christ  to his disciples at the meal he shared with them prior to his death which became known as ‘The Last Supper’. The gospels refer to this event: ‘And he took bread, and gave thanks, and broke it, and gave unto them, saying, This is my body which is given for you: this do in remembrance of me.’  Luke 22:19……..  ‘I am the living bread which came down from heaven: if any man eat of this bread, he shall live for ever: and the bread that I will give is my flesh, which I will give for the life of the world.’ John:6:50. ……“This cup is the new covenant in My blood, which is shed for you”; “drink ye all of it”; “this do ye…in remembrance of me”; “and they all drank of it” (Luke 22:20, Matt. Continue reading

FORENSIC SCIENCE AND FAITH Shroud of Turin and Sudarium of Oviedo – A Forensic Match


The  human blood on the Shroud of Turin traditionally believed to be the cloth which wrapped the body of Jesus in the tomb has repeatedly been confirmed by DNA testing as blood group AB. Even more surprisingly, blood on the ‘Sudarium’ the cloth  which is believed by many to have covered the face of Jesus,  has also tested AB.

Jewish funerary tradition demands that if the face of a dead person was in any way disfigured, it should be covered with a cloth out of respect for the deceased. According to the biblical account Jesus was afforded a Jewish burial,  highly unusual as crucifixion victims were normally left on the cross for days with the body later deposited in lime pits. The biblical account of the disciples entering the empty tomb describes the shroud and the cloth lying separately.  ‘Then cometh Simon Peter following him, and went into the sepulchre, and seeth the linen clothes lie,and the napkin that was about his head, not lying with the linen clothes but wrapped together in a place by itself”. (John 20:7)  

Skeptics understandably dismiss such biblical accounts, however, when Nasa scientists placed the image of the Sudarium and the shroud over each other they  matched  perfectly.  New research establishes some 20 points of correlation between the Sudarium and the Shroud of Turin.  The standard of proof used by most judicial systems around the world to confirm correlation between items requires only a match of 8 to 10.

The history of the Sudarium cloth is well documented, it was originally brought from Jerusalem and has resided in the Cathedral of Oviedo  in Spain since the eighth century.

  • The markings show distinct matching facial geometry; the length of the nose through which the pleural oedema fluid came onto the sudarium has been calculated at eight centimetres, just over three inches, exactly the same length as the nose on the image of the shroud; there is also an exact correlation with the beard.
  • Two bloodstains caused by the ‘crown of thorns’ on the forehead of the man in the shroud  show a correspondence with the bloodstains of the Sudarium, the thorn wounds on the nape of the neck also coincide perfectly.
  • Botanical researchers Professor Danin and Uri Baruch confirm that of 141 pollens and spores found on the Sudarium which was brought to Spain, 99% are from the Mediterranean region including Jerusalem but not from Spain.
  • The research group of the  University of Murcia which is studying samples of the Shroud of Oviedo, has discovered a grain of pollen from one plant that, according to the pollen expert Marzia Boi, is compatible with the botanical species of  ‘Helicrysum’ This plant, used for thousands of years for cosmetic purposes in the Middle East; also was used in Jewish burials during the first century of the Christian era.

Small bunches or bouquets of flowers were placed alongside the body of the man of the shroud, leaving the imprints and pollen grains on both cloths. Professor Danin identified two pollen grains of the species Gundelia tournefortii as native to the Gaza Strip Israel. They are seen near the image of the man’s shoulder on the shroud and also found on  the Sudarium,  The pollen is adhered to the blood; this means that the pollen arrived on the shroud at the same time as the blood, not at some later point.  This fact is significant because it makes it possible to disprove the claims that the Sodarium of Oviedo is a Medieval fake since pollen grains are only visible through a microscope and were unknown in medieval times.

Juan Manuel Miñarro authored a study sponsored by the Spanish Center of Sindonology, (shroud investigation) and recently concluded: We have come to a point where it seems absurd to suggest that ‘by happenstance’ all of the wounds, lesions and swelling coincides on both cloths,” Jorge-Manuel Rodríguez, centre’s president stated: “Logic requires that we conclude that we are speaking of the same person.”

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Beyond reasonable Doubt – Correcting the Carbon Dating of the Turin Shroud

Science and Divinity -The Shroud of Turin

The Turin Shroud- Evidence for Crucifixion

Sudarium of Oviedo Validates the Shroud of Turin


THE TURIN SHROUD – Evidence for Crucifixion


The image on the Shroud is of a man 5 feet 10 1/2 inches tall, about 175 pounds, estimated to be between 30 and 35 years old. The body is covered with scourge wounds and blood stains on the shroud match the wounds described in the biblical account of the crucifixion. The blood grouping is now confirmed as AB, the rarest group shared by only 3% of people worldwide.  Scientists investigating the shroud have now shown a match between pathology, anatomical details of the wounds sustained and the manner of death.

Numerous surgeons and pathologists (including Dr. Frederick Zugibe (Medical Examiner – Rockland, New York), Dr. Herman Moedder (Germany), the late Dr. Pierre Barbet (France), and Dr. David Willis (England)) have studied the pathology. They all agree that the wounds as depicted on the Shroud clearly match the biblical account  of the crucifixion  and that the wounds are consistent with the weapons used by ancient Roman soldiers in Crucifixion. Dr R Bucklin, Forensic Pathologist from Los Angeles County states:  “The evidence of a scourged man who was crucified and died of suffocation is clear cut. The markings on his body are so clear and so medically accurate that they are in my opinion beyond dispute”

The 120 scourge marks on the front and back, and legs of the man of the shroud match the flagrum or flagellum, a Roman whip which has three leather thongs, each having two lead or bone pellets (plumbatae) on the ends, designed to cut into the flesh. The direction of the lash marks indicate two soldiers were striking him, one on each side. Continue reading

SCIENCE and DIVINITY – Evidence for The Shroud of Turin



The Shroud of Turin is believed by many to be the piece of cloth which wrapped the body of Jesus in the tomb, debate has continued for centuries as to its authenticity.  Science continues to build a composite picture of the man in the shroud and has determined beyond doubt that this cloth  uniquely woven, wrapped the body of a male of Jewish ethnicity, blood group AB, who died as a result of severe trauma. Minerals found in the area around the walls of Jerusalem are also found on the shroud. The subject was buried in accordance with 1st century Jewish funerary rites with coins of the era covering his eyes, the body prepared using aromatic oils and floral tributes associated uniquely with the area of Jerusalem. 

The shroud is said to have been brought to Europe by the Templars.The firstjesus-0172 images of the face on the shroud were taken when an amateur photographer developed the photographs he had taken in the cathedral; the negative image clearly showed an image of a face. No trace of forgery or scientific explanation has been found.  In 1988 the Catholic church gave permission for radio carbon dating, the findings, later shown to be flawed, stated that the cloth was a medieval forgery, testing the faith of many believers.  A new examination, the results  of 15 years of research, dates the shroud to between 300 BC and 400 AD, which would put it in the era of Christ. Giulio Fanti, a professor of mechanical and thermal measurement at Padua University, and Saverio Gaeta, a journalis, used infra-red light and spectroscopy (the measurement of radiation intensity through wavelengths) in the test. Continue reading


In a time when Catholicism has become synonymous with scandal, a reminder of the true essence of the church in its role of providing a message of hope and a link to something more.

In 1858  Bernadette Soubirous the 14 year old daughter of a miller, lived with her family in misery and squalor in the small town of Lourdes at the foot of the Pyrenees in Southern France. The family had become homeless after losing their mill and the only place left to them was a single room, formerly the local jail. Bernadette attended a convent–run school where she was considered a slow learner, illiterate; she was put in a “pauper’s class” with no fees to pay, in the company of 7-year-olds. Continue reading

Divine Light and Duality

According to esoteric literature Earth is approaching  the Photon Belt orbiting the star cluster Pleides, dates for this event are unknown but considered imminent. The ‘photon belt’ is also referred to as Alcyone’s Rings, Alcyone is the principal sun of the Pleides, 7 suns gravitate within its orbit, the 7th being our own sun which circles Alcyone. The Rings of Alcyone are composed of ‘manasic’ radiation believed to be caused by a cosmic event, the splitting of the electron. ‘Manasic’ is a Sanskrit term referring to Mind and in accordance with the cosmic Law of Correspondence, the human mind is affected by these cosmic forces both individually and collectively.

Photons have been described as ‘packets of light’ which generate electro magnetic fields. The potential impact of the ‘photon belt’  upon human consciousness continues to cause debate. Many within the New Age movement believe this shift represents a temporary window with the potential for enlightenment and elevation to a higher plane of existence. For some this will no doubt be true yet spiritual evolution is a path of choice, there is no ‘free pass’. It has been acknowledged historically that ‘divine light’ also purges. We are currently witnessing the negative effects of atomic resonance on human consciousness, one aspect of the global chaos and confusion, mirroring the splitting.The effect  is dependent upon our ability to absorb and integrate the powerful light. Cosmic cycles and orbits are beyond the influence of humanity, we must adapt to the changing environment in order to sustain mental cohesion.

It is part of the human condition to resist change, the mind must investigate, examine, reflect and decide before change can occur. Even then there must be integration before the Will concedes. Ancient texts describe the dual aspects of consciousness as the Higher or Etheric Mind sometimes referred to as the Higher Self and the Lower Intellectual mind which governs cognitive ability and choice. The Higher consciousness corresponds to our origins, divine essence and spirituality. Intuition is the interim link to the Lower or Intellectual Mind which rationalizes our experience and governs waking consciousness.

It has been said that ‘the light which illumines also blinds’ for this is a process of acceptance of something greater than ourselves. Some have made a correlation with ‘the Quickening’  an influx of divine light which Saves, as described in Christian  ‘End Times’ philosophy. Whatever our belief system, we are free to accept or reject unfolding events. Enlightenment is  the process by which light is assimilated by the mind bringing about a profound shift in consciousness. This can be a slow and painful process as we question,  a new reality.This is the eternal human dilemma, the argument between the mind and the soul.






Spiritual Alchemy – Divine Wisdom


Alchemy – the very word conjures up visions of medieval sorcerers poring over their crucibles in an attempt to turn base metal into gold. Although great efforts were indeed made by medieval alchemists to achieve such ends, the true meaning of ‘alchemy’ has been distorted and lost through the Ages. While the dictionary may state that the origin is French ‘alquemie’ meaning ‘mixture’, we must go back to pre history for the true origins. The word alchemy is derived from Khem, the original name for the land of Egypt which took its name from ‘the Khema’ a group of seven stars in the constellation of Taurus, known today as the Pleiades. The prefix Al was added much later through Arabic Egyptian assimilation. Continue reading


My intention in writing this article was to pose the question: Is technology driving us towards a godless society?  As a starting point I decided to google ‘God’ simply to obtain a definition, expecting of course that there would be several.  Of the the first 3  references: 2 referred to the release of the film Godzilla which grossed  $93 million dollars in its opening weekend and $518,369,590  within weeks. The third reference was to the web hosting giant ‘godaddy’. None of the remaining references related to a Creator, a Supreme Being  or a Deity.  God, whatever we assume that word to mean, would seem to have been supplanted in the mass consciousness by commercialism and entertainment; the question however remains – what part if any does technology play in this?. Continue reading

SPIRIT AND MATTER – An Astrological Perspective

Cosmic Astrology is a divine science which investigates the configuration of planetary bodies and their influence upon human conduct and behaviour. The New Age movement places great value on free choice as opposed to indoctrination, this is not coincidental  but rather a reflection of the  energy of the Aquarian Age. Free thinking, Innovation and enlightenment are words which express Aquarian energy in its positive form; it is not surprising therefore that at this point many might feel  an ambivalence towards prescribed religious dogma with a yearning for  spiritual enlightenment  in another form. The very word ‘religion’ (from the Latin ‘relegare’ meaning to tie or bind) seems to indicate restriction and limitation yet it denotes a binding to God as opposed to the sensory pull  of the physical world. We can therefore be spiritual without being religious but should not aspire to be religious without being spiritual!

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Bodies of Light

‘Light bodies’ can seem like a euphemism unless we understand the basic structure and anatomy of the subtle energy system. We acknowledge that human beings operate from a gross physical body, influenced to some degree by thoughts and feelings which reflect individual personality. We are taught that thoughts are a response to chemical interaction in the brain and that emotions are a response by the endocrine system to the neurological processes. Both statements are partially true but fail to take into account the primary stimulus.photon_dance_2_by_zwopper-d30hffuWhat is it that activates the brain chemistry and triggers sensory reaction? The answer is Light. A photon is the smallest measurable element of electromagnetic radiation, a form of radiant energy, the origin and movement are as yet little understood.

Biological research now proves that cells communicate with each other through a process of electrical discharge. Biophotons (from the Greek βίος meaning ‘life’ and φῶς meaning ‘light’) act upon the entire electromagnetic spectrum transferring information through each of its layers. Biophotons emitted by the human body therefore modulate fundamental physiological processes. (See: Molecules of Emotion by Candace Pert) Continue reading

Building the Bodies of Light

biophotonsHealthy organisms are light dependent

While familiar with physical anatomy most people remain unaware of the structure of subtle energy anatomy.Throughout time mystics, saints and masters have described what we now know to be the electromagnetic field confirmed by science.

While the physical body is justly acknowledged as miraculous in its complexity this is only one part of our story. Our origins are spiritual, we inhabit an infinitely more amazing Screen shot 2015-05-17 at 20.28.23structure of form and formlessness incorporating bodies of light which resonate to as yet unimagined spheres of frequency. It has been said that God must have a sense of humour for the encapsulated light bodies which are the matrix of our fullest potential might be likened to fields with gates; unless we can unlock the gates we can not enter the next field. Our perception remains limited by the belief that our field is the only one, that we have in fact arrived. Continue reading

Metaphysics of the Shroud of Turin- Message in the Flowers

 Message in the Flowers: The Shroud of Turin is believed by many to be the piece of cloth which wrapped the body of Jesus in the tomb. Debate has continued for centuries as to its authenticity. It is known to have travelled widely through Europe and beyond and said to have been brought to Europe by the Templars. The firstjesus-0172 images of the face on the shroud were taken when an amateur photographer developed the photographs he had taken in the cathedral; the negative image clearly showed an image of a face. No trace of forgery or scientific explanation was found. In 1998 the Catholic church gave permission for radio carbon dating to take place and the faith of many was rocked when this was given as 1325. The dating however was later discredited  as the sample of cloth dated was contaminated through handling through the centuries. Continue reading

Metaphysical understanding of the Cross

In esoteric wisdom the long arm of the cross symbolises
the descent of the soul into matter, the two cross bars symbolise East and West.
 True alchemy refers to the spiritualization of the lower nature of mankind, as practiced ankh7by the ancient esoteric priesthoods of Egypt, predating monotheistic religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The ankh was the symbol of  sacred power invested in the Egyptian priesthoods and transferred through pharaohs, a cross with a looped top  signifying the eternal nature of the soul and its journey.

The devotional rituals which had sustained mankind for thousands of years were later seen as pagan by what would become the mainstream religions of the next Age. The cross in its many forms symbolizes the link between spirit and matter and has been adopted and adapted by sacred traditions through thousands of years. An understanding of the sacred geometry which underpins it helps to dispel  the erroneous belief that the symbol has been hijacked by Christianity. Rather it is a metamorphosis of adapting to changing belief systems from ancient Eygpt, pagan rituals, through Celtic and Roman Christianity to the present day. Continue reading

SHADOW AND LIGHT: Paranormal encounters

The debate over what constitutes positive or negative experience  continues. We know that light exists but for many there is a refusal to acknowledge darkness or duality.  Since the human body is dependent upon light for life it is important to clarify what is beneficial and what is not.  Light is  ‘electromagnetic radiation, the main source of which is the sun’. Shadow is defined as ‘ a dark area or shape produced by a body coming between rays of light and a surface’. This is  ‘an opposition or contrast’ what we might describe as  blocking the  light.bright-light-650x372

During earthly life the human energy field radiates light which can be seen clairvoyantly or photographed using specialised technology. The subtle energy body of one who has left the physical body  can also be seen, often clearly as a full body manifestation; not a shadowy figure but a vibrant,recognisable personality. Deceased relatives and friends may visit and be observed momentarily; this is benign contact, simply the means by which they wish to assure loved ones of their continued existance.   Continue reading

WATER CRYSTALS – Matrix and Molecules



It is a Divine Principle that matrix patterns originate in a vibrational field of spirit to become encapsulated in matter, the density of  the physical world.  The ‘downloaded’ atoms and molecules vibrate as consciousness perceived or not. Animal life, vegetation and what we  consider to be inanimate objects such as rocks or crystals emit variable, measurable vibrational frequencies. Organic material has a finely tuned sensory awareness and responds to stimuli. 

When the Japanese researcher Dr Masaru Emoto published his findings on the molecular construction of  frozen water crystals there was widespread incredulity. Not only was he able to demonstrate the unique formation, the blueprint  but that the inherent consciousness responded to environment.The research showed that the matrix pattern of the frozen samples was  maintained or changed by exposure to environmental pollution, music, to spoken and written words and even to thoughts.

Those with an understanding of resonance are not surprised to see the effect of vibration as demonstrated through music.The crystal molecules also showed an abilty to restore the original pattern in favaourable circumstances. The potential consequences for mankind are unimaginable.  

All life resonates at specific vibrational frequency,at the optimum level in a harmonious environment and at a reduced level in dissonance.


Dr Emoto was simply using todays technology to reveal what the ancients already knew.The same effect was demonstrated with words, either  spoken or written and taped to the sample. Angry or aggressive language distorts the crystalline pattern.

The filligree lacy pattern of  ‘I love you‘. A positive attitude and loving feelings maintain cellular structure in organic matter, including the human body.   The work of Bruce Lipton in his groundbreaking work Biology of Belief examines the link between belief systems and cellular response. Dr. Candace Pert’s book Molecules of Emotion demonstrated that thought patterns trigger the genes. 

The frozen water crystals of ‘I will kill you‘. become an unstructured mass. The comparison might be made with cancer cells which lose their structure to become invasive when not aligned to the highest potential.

Dr. Emoto explains that the water molecule H2O consists of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen. Emoto has concluded from this, that only if gratitude exists twice (H2) love can take an active shape and have an effect. He is convinced that  LOVE and GRATITUDE are the essential energetic components in maintaining wellbeing. 



EPIPHANY – An Astrological Interpretation


‘We three kings of Orient are, bearing gifts we traverse afar
Field and fountain, moor and mountain following yonder star

A favourite carol tells of the three wise men who came to worship the child Jesus in the stable, a story retold for two thousand years.  Epiphany means ‘great light’ or ‘illumination’ referring in this instance to Jesus as the Light of the World. There are many interpretations of who these visitors might have been. They are variously described as Kings of the East and Astrologers and are commonly referred to as the Magi.  The word Magi means ‘wise ones’ and relates to those who had a deep knowledge of the divine sciences including astronomy, astrology, numerology and the study of the celestial heavens and ancient star maps.  Today’s term ‘magic’ is derived from it and used to describe something supernatural or beyond the ordinary.  Many intriguing questions arise.  If the story is true and the Magi did indeed come to pay homage to Jesus how did they know of his birth?  We are told they were guided by a star arising in the East which ‘went before them’ and finally ‘came to rest’ over the place where Jesus lay. Today Christians celebrate The Adoration of the Magi and the Feast of Epiphany on January 6th in remembrance of this event. If the Magi had ‘traversed afar’ from their own kingdoms, reputedly of the Persian Empire, this would have been a lengthy and even hazardous journey with much preparation required.  How could they possibly arrive within days of the birth…unless they had advance warning? Continue reading

Metaphysics of the Christmas Story


For some Christmas means the tinsel and the tree, the shopping and the presents, the turkey and the treats; in short an opportunity for self indulgence and partying while others honour the sacred cycles. For millions it is  a time of deep significance, of reflection and spiritual renewal; the remembrance of a promise, angelic visitation and guidance, a merging of the celestial and the terrestrial. The rational mind rushes to dismiss what in the 21st century seems fanciful and deluded. The story however does not rest on superstitious belief but on the science of metaphysics and is worthy of investigation from that position.  If we take a few brief moments to consider the event we are commemorating, the birth of Jesus Christ, we are faced at once with the challenge of faith, for who now believes in miracles, angelic intercession, prophetic guidance or a pre-ordained, divinely inspired Incarnation? The answer of course is that the vast majority of the human race holds to these beliefs in one form or another. Figures for 2017 show Christianity has 2.1 billion followers while Islam (which shares a belief in Jesus and his divinely inspired origins) has 1.5 billion. These two groups alone represent  half of the 7 billion people alive today.  In addition there are 900 million Hindu’s and 394 million Chinese who practice their respective  religious traditions.  Buddhism has 376 million adherents while Sikhism and Judaism each have  23 million. These represent only the major world religions, there are numerous others with a further 376 million practising indigenous primal faiths. Only 16%  state no religious affiliation.

From this perspective we might conclude that most of us have a belief in something beyond the physical realm, suggesting that conscious communication exists between the physical and the non physical worlds. Religions simply regulate a specific belief system into an ordered pattern which we can choose to follow for as long as they serve our spiritual growth. All religions are born out of an awareness of divinely inspired events whether personal or impersonal. Initially these are recorded and crystallised as revealed wisdom, eventually to become fossilised as dogma at which point followers begin to seek elsewhere.


The question has been posed for 2,000 years, it is for each of us to find our own answer, for those who accept the life and teaching of Jesus he is the supreme pattern of spirituality. Spiritual teachers magnetise followers through the positive vibration of the electromagnetic field or aura, creating a resonance which is felt as a magnetic attraction. The greater the attainment the greater the acceleration of that field and the greater the momentum. An Avatar or world teacher carries a momentum of light within the auric field which has been accumulated through countless lives of service. The consciousness radiates light which is not only felt but seen, this is the origin of halo’s depicted by artists around the head of saints and mystics. .


According to ancient wisdom cosmic time is measured in Cycles or Ages. Avatars incarnate in every Age at significant points on the cosmic calendar, referred to as  ‘Transition Cusps’ their sole purpose is the advancement of humanity by reminding of our spiritual origins. At the culmination of a Cycle of Ages (known as The Grand Cycle)  we approach the threshold of a New Age and the supreme guide appears, to shepherd us through the doorway. The penultimate Cusp of the Piscean Age heralded the birth of Jesus Christ. (Christ meaning ‘anointed of God’).

The wheel symbol,  carved into marble  in the early Christian community of Ephesus,  this represents the Cycles and Ages, the foundation of the teaching given by Jesus and subsequently lost.

The word “ixoye” is an acronym comprised of the first letter of five Greek words: Iesous Xristos Theou Yios Sotare which means Jesus, Christ, Son of, God, Savior.The word is also the Greek word for “fish,” icthus, ἰχθύς which when spelled in capital letters in Greek is ΙΧΘΥΣ. The first followers of Jesus were persecuted and used the sign of the fish as a secret symbol to recognise each other. It is no coincidence that  the astrological symbol of Pisces the fish was the sign of  the early Christians and later of Christianity. Today we stand at the threshold of the Aquarian Age, unready to birth the new, the reason for the global chaos and upheaval.

Each of us is free to view Jesus in accordance with our own beliefs or prejudices. For some he is simply a great spiritual teacher, for others he is the pre-ordained Avatar guiding humanity through the closing of an Age. Christianity accords him the unique role of Saviour and Son of God. Whatever our belief his spiritual attainment is acknowledged and it is his message which is important.

As we celebrate his birth at Christmas it is an opportune moment for reflection and to question. Is the story true? Did the Angel Gabriel announce his birth to Mary?  Was Jesus born in Bethlehem and if so why? What of the star and the three kings who are said to have brought their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. 

  • Church of The Nativity

Excerpt from: Jesus Chronicles Author: Carol Lamb

The name Jesus is the English translation from the Greek Yesous translated from the Hebrew Aramaic the native tongue of Joseph and Mary. Yeshua is the abbreviated version of Joshua a name which predates the Christian era by several centuries and means deliverer or saviour. Among the many titles accorded to Jesus is ‘Emman-u-el’. The Jewish scripture foretold of a conception through divine agency. ‘Behold a virgin shall conceive and bear a son and his name shall be called  Emman-u-el’ which means ‘God is with us’.

Prophecies of past centuries had stated that the Messiah or Saviour was to be born in Bethlehem, a small town in Judaea. Since Mary lived in Nazareth some miles away her child could have been expected to have been born there. However, in the time preceding the birth, the emperor decreed a census in order to register those eligible for taxation: ‘In the days of Caesar Augustus a decree went out that all the world should be taxed’. In a very real sense all the world was Roman and despite Mary’s advanced state of pregnancy there was no choice but to obey the decree that the head of each household was to report to his home town to be registered.

Today if we require a copy of a birth or marriage certificate we are still required to apply to the Registrar in the town of our birth. Of course we have the luxury of filling in a form and applying by post. We can only sympathise with the plight of Mary on such a journey as she travelled by donkey to reach Joseph’s home town of Bethlehem. Once more the prophecy was fulfilled and the birth occurs where scripture had stated that it would. ‘And thou Bethlehem in the land of Judaea art not least among the princes of Judah, out of thee shall come a Governor that shall rule my people Israel.’ The name Bethlehem means ‘place of bread’.

The story of the nativity is known to us all, Mary and Joseph are forced to rest in a place described as a stable, the only place available because the town is teeming with visitors. The birth is marked by an angel who appears before shepherds in the fields to proclaim: ‘Be not afraid, for behold I bring you tidings of great joy which will come to all the people, for to you is born this day in the city of David a saviour who is Christ the Lord, and this will be a sign for you. You will find a babe wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger’, and the angel was joined by a multitude of the heavenly host praising God and saying Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace among men, with whom he is pleased.’

At Christmas we sing to celebrate the birth of Jesus, the words of the carol ‘Once in Royal David’s City’ a reminder that Bethlehem was also known as ‘the city of David’ a reference to the birth of another king in another time. King David born in the little town of Bethlehem a thousand years before Jesus, united the Jewish tribal peoples to become the nation of Israel and laid the foundations for the temple in Jerusalem in which Jesus himself would one day teach.