FUTURE PAST – The Divine Feminine

How much do we know of the origins of humanity or the codes of the universe and what can the 2,000 year old sacred temple of Dendera in Egypt tell us about Climate Change?

The  Dendera temple complex in Egypt was re-built 3100BC to honour the Sky goddess Hathor who personified feminine love, healing and motherhood.  It has been built and rebuilt through time. The present temple was almost completed by Cleopatra some 2,000 years ago, prior to her death. On the ceiling of the Temple at Dendera is an astronomical and astrological map of the heavens in circular form representing a spiralling Timeline for humanity. It depicts the rise and fall of civilisations over tens of thousands of years, not as myths or allegories but as actual historical events. The temple of Hathor is aligned to the Ursa Major star system (the Great Bear). The constellations are  represented in cycles of time which correlate to ancient myths and legends illustrating the journey of mankind.






Our solar system is part of the Milky Way Galaxy, to the ancient Egyptians it symbolised the nurturing milk of Hathor a cow-goddess. The leg of a calf placed at the centre of the Dendera zodiac points to the constellation of Cancer, the Crab indicating the period 8572BC. This corresponds with the worship of the divine feminine principle at that time; Isis in Egypt, Ishtar in Mesopotamia, the Shakti of Hinduism and Nanna, moon god of the Chaldeans associated with fertility and the origin of the word ‘nanna’  grand mother. This period equates with the time when civilization and agriculture arose in Egypt following the biblical flood.

How can  the map of the heavens on the ceiling of the 2,000 year old Hathor temple correlate with the predictions of science in the 21st century?  Science estimates the last Ice Age to have occurred between 12,800  and 11,550BC.  During this time, the earth’s climate repeatedly alternated between very cold, during which glaciers covered large parts of the world and very warm periods during which many of the glaciers melted. Today, we are in a warm interglacial period and beginning to see the effects of global warming through melting glaciers. In astrological terms the Age of Virgo (c12,858BC) was marked by a cosmic event and a cataclysmic deluge resulting in the disappearance of culture on a global scale, recorded in more than 40 Creation myths as the biblical Flood. The Age of Leo,  symbolised by the Lion followed (c10,715BC) and correlates to the melting of the glaciers and the rise in sea levels which left much of the habitable world immersed in water.


The Constellation of the Pleiades, known as the 7 Sisters, has been known to every culture and tradition. It is composed of 1  invisible and 6 visible stars.  The Temple of Hathor is dedicated to the 7 deities or ‘goddesses’ of the Pleiades  believed by the Egyptians to be part of the cosmic hierarchies who along with other demi gods created new civilizations upon Earth.  In Hinduism they are known as Krittika. They are also known to the Mayans and Aztecs of Meso America and to the Sioux, Kiowa and Cherokee of North America. The Celts called them Tŵr Tewdws, Hawaiians called them Makali, Maori called them Matariki. To the Persians they were Parvin or Parvi and Arabs called them Thurayya. To the Chinese they were mǎo and the Japanese knew them as Subarau. The Greek mythologies viewed them as the 7 daughters of Zeus and to the Romans they were the 7 daughters of Apollo. The Aborigine peoples of Australia believe themselves to be the first people seeded on the planet by the Pleiadians.


Throughout time places of worship have been designed  to correspond to sacred geometry in a belief that a divine intelligible plan underpins the cosmos. In the days when astronomy and astrology were both considered sacred sciences, Johanne Kepler, credited with the discovery of the laws of planetary motion, referred to ‘celestial physics’. Egyptian priesthoods understood the metaphysical link between spirit and matter whether in temple design or in the subtle  anatomy of the human body. The Hathor goddesses activated the  feminine principle in both.

Depicted as a snake in esoteric imagery, kundalini energy lies dormant at the base of the spine until awakened. It then rises through the spine to connect via the higher centres within the brain, to awaken spiritual consciousness, the divine marriage of spirit and matter.

The sacred cobra head dress worn by Egyptian rulers, symbolised the link between the pineal gland in the brain, denoting  intuition and higher consciousness. The purpose of the Hathor temple was to deepen the understanding of how to use and direct the life force in the body to raise and sustain spiritual awareness.


All matter vibrates at a specific resonance, including planetary bodies and star systems. The Hathor priestesses were in charge of ceremonial, all played the Sistrum, a sacred rattle used to activate the specific sound vibration to maintain connection with their heavenly home, the Pleiades. They composed music based on the perfect mathematical proportions that can be found in the construction of many sacred temples. 8Hz is the fundamental  heartbeat of the planet, better known as Schumann resonance, named after physicist Winfried Otto Schumann, who documented it mathematically in 1952. Schumann resonance is a global electromagnetic resonance, which has its origin in electrical discharges of lightning within the cavity existing between the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere. This cavity resonates with electromagnetic waves in the extremely low frequencies of approximately 7.86Hz – 8Hz.


The 432 vibration aligns and attunes body and mind to the Universal frequency with proven healing effects to aid relaxation and lift depression. Research shows that thought waves created by certain types of dendrites (the nerve cells in the brain which transmit and conduct electrochemical impulses) predominantly those belonging to brain cells within the more rational left hemisphere of the brain, range from 14Hz to 40Hz.  If the right and left hemispheres of the brain are synchronised with each other at 8Hz e.g. in meditation, they operate more harmoniously and optimise flow. Inducing the frequency of 8Hz is the key to the full activation potential of higher consciousness.

Sacred temples were erected in accordance with cosmic principles, mirroring planetary cycles in the physical world, a demonstration of the Law of Correspondence and a reminder that all things are one.

  • 432 tuning vibrates with PI (the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter) unifying  the properties of light, time, space, matter, gravity and magnetism with biology, the DNA code and consciousness.
  • The human heart beats 72 times per minute or 432 times per hour when perfectly synchronised with the planetary cycle.
  • The 432 pattern is reflected in cosmic ratios of the sun, earth and moon
  • 432,000 x 2 = the diameter of the sun (864,000 miles)
  • 432,000  divided by 2 = the diameter of the moon (2,160 miles)
  • In Hindu cosmology a universe endures for a cosmic cycle of 4,320,000,000 years  before its destruction and regeneration.
  • Four Ages or Yuga’s create the cosmic cycle, the shortest being the Kali Yuga or current cycle of 432,000 years.

Sacred geometry uses mathematical principles and harmonics to depict the energetic matrix in which we live. In the Dendera ceiling, 12 columns are depicted holding up the Cosmos with vibrations of the universe encoded in each. These depict gateways for the energy of the  incoming soul, vibrating as matter through frequency in time. Prior to birth, the soul personality must pass through the faces of each of the 12 constellations of the Universe, drawing on each of the required elements to gain entry to the planetary sphere as it descends to the material plane to connect ultimately with the womb. The challenge is to master each aspect in order to achieve perfection. The Hathor temple  demonstrates the descent of the soul through astronomy, and astrology via the milky way, showing our origin in the stars. Hathor is the sky goddess calling us home just as all religious traditions honour the divine feminine as the intermediary assisting the path of the soul.

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Cosmic Cycles – Sacred Calendars of Time

According to many spiritual traditions Life Waves emanate from the higher spheres via portals, allowing soul groups to journey together to experience life in the physical world, through Cycles of time. This presents an opportunity for human consciousness to rise or fall in accordance with free will choices, inevitably negative as well as positive ones are made. While Free Will is the prevailing factor in soul progression, cosmic cycles exert a commanding influence. Put simply this chronology states that we are Time Travellers and our journey is measured in defined stages or Ages; a vastly different timetable than the one to which we in the West are accustomed. Indian, Egyptian and Mayan  records chart the history of humanity and are comparable.

The myopic vision of materialistic science considers the myth and legend of cultural groups throughout the world to be merely symbolic while Eastern tradition preserves the sacred text which is accepted as the spiritual history of mankind. Religous traditions, East and West, share a common theme of the rise and fall of previous civilisations with reference to cataclysmic fire and flood bringing about the fall of nations which had previously flourished. Jewish, Christian and numerous other Creation stories describe ‘The Great Flood’ and the story of Noah and his family’s survival and ancient Mesopotamian and Egyptian texts refer to the sinking of Atlantis at the end of the previous Age. Native American Hopi tribe tell of the seeding of mankind to the Earth foretelling an outcome of destruction, unless mankind learns to live in harmony with Creation.

Astronomy currently estimates the age of the Universe to be around 13 billion years, corresponding remarkably to  ancient  Hindu cosmology. The Vishnu Puranas are the oldest records known to mankind, the time scales are unimaginable, surpassing anything acknowledged by traditional historical data. According to this cosmology Time is divided into distinct Cycles or Ages, commencing with the origin of Creation by ‘The One Absolute Being’ or God. The texts state that a Universe endures for 4 Cycles, each of which lasts for 4.32 billion years, before a time of destruction and renewal. Such Ages referred to as Yugas are Satya/Golden Age, Treta/Silver Age, Dvapara/Copper Age and Kali/Iron Age.

The Law of Equivalence – Heartbeat of the Universe


The optimum human heart beat is 72 beats per minute or 4,320  beats per hour.

The radius of the Earth is 360 degrees, 72 x 360 = 25,920 or 12 Ages

4,320 multiplied by 2 = the diameter of the moon (2,160 miles)

432,000 divided by 2 = the diameter of the sun (864,000 miles)

432 Hz is said to be mathematically consistent with the patterns of the Universe

432Hz tuning vibrates with the Golden Mean PHI and unifies the properties of light,time, space, matter, gravity and magnetism with biology, the DNA code and consciousness.

The cycles repeat as cosmic seasons, waxing and waning in accordance with celestial rhythms. Swami Sri Yukteswar, the guru of Paramahansa Yogananda, described the cyclical movement of celestial bodies and the impact upon the consciousness of mankind. ‘Our sun revolves around a seat of creative power, (The great Central Sun) as the sun with its planets and moons come to the place nearest this power centre, mental virtue is enhanced and mankind can comprehend the mysteries of spirit. When the sun in its orbit is furthest from this seat of power, the mind of man is disaffected and is then unable to grasp anything beyond the gross material world and as a result becomes materialistic.’

We are caught in a spiral of decline as the frequency is turned down to accommodate our choices. In the first stage or Age the energy that sustains is pure because we are in close proximity to the greatest light yet we have free will to make our own decisions, our accumulated error is reflected as a lowered vibration or a loss of purity of consciousness which in turn creates further error. As we progress to the next stage or Age greater effort is required to sustain our spiritual connection as the negative momentum compounds the downward spiral. In the third stage or Age the negative momentum inhibits our ability to align to the positive and we become more and more led by the mental faculties, convinced that we are right because as spiritual awareness decreases we become mentally oriented. By the time we reach the 4th stage or Age (the Kali Yuga) we are struggling to maintain mental and emotional stability. Spiritual awareness is then vastly diminished and life is seen not as a spiritual journey but in intellectual and physical terms of acquisition of money, property and the pursuit of power. Materialism is the altar at which worship. Mankind is currently living through the Kali Yuga corresponding to the descent of consciousness of the masses.

The Vishnu Parana says of this time:‘The leaders who rule over the Earth will be violent and seize the goods of their subjects…. The leaders with the excuse of fiscal need will rob and despoil their subjects and take away private property. Moral values and the rule of Law will lessen from day to day until the world will be completely perverted and agnosticisms will gain the day among men”   The text continues:

  • Rulers will no longer see it as their duty to promote spirituality or to protect their subjects: they will become a danger to the world.
  • People will start migrating, seeking countries where wheat and barley form the staple food.
  • Avarice and wrath will be common. Humans will openly display animosity towards each other.
  • Ignorance of dharma (spiritual law) will occur.
  • People will have thoughts of murder with no justification and they will see nothing wrong with that mindset.
  • Lust will be viewed as socially acceptable and sexual intercourse will be seen as the central requirement of life.
  • Sin will increase while virtue will fade.
  • People will take vows only to break them soon aftr.
  • People will become intoxicated to drinks and drugs.
  • Men will find their jobs stressful and goto retreats to escape their work.

The clearly observable decline in conduct correlating with lowered consciousness, egoic response and selfish choices in todays society, reflect the masses and a tipping point. Only an accelleration of spiritual awareness can limit the inevitable consequences, the survival of the human race will be determined by Free Will. For those who wish a return to spiritual values  the means by which we choose to connect to our true identity as multi dimensional spiritual beings is a matter of personal choice. Our experiences are governed from birth by a cosmic clock which we can choose to acknowledge or ignore. At the end of the cycle of Yugas a planetary transition occurs through the elements of fire or water to usher in the new Golden Age confidently expected by many who while awakened are not always well informed.  The emergence of a new Golden Age for the planet is inevitable in its time, whether humanity will continue to reside on this earthly platform is debatable. As always it is for each one of us to choose a path of degeneration or rejuvenation.

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First posted August 2015

(Credit image: Geometric Keys of Ancient Wisdom: Lori Tompkins)





ENGLAND FLAG – Glastonbury, Jesus and St. George


For some their flag is a symbol of national identity and pride while others believe that any flag encourages nationalism. Some see the cross as the symbol of faith for others the cross is the sign of the persecutors and not of the true church. The England flag has gained a particular notoriety due to past  association with the Crusades of the Middle Ages, it has always been manipulated for political reasons and most recently highjacked by right wing political factions.All of this is only one part of what the flag signifies.


Joseph of Arimathea is mentioned in all four gospels and remembered as the man who provided his tomb in which to lay the body of Jesus  following the crucification.  He was so much more. As a follower of Jesus and also a voting member of the Sanhedrin Council responsible for the spiritual governance of the Jewish people, a body which officially wanted Jesus condemned to death, the affiliation had to be kept secret.  Crucified bodies were normally thrown into lime pits by the Romans but as the uncle of Mary, the mother of Jesus and therefore great uncle of Jesus, Joseph had a right to claim the body from the Roman Governor Pontius Pilate and did so.

There was another reason why Pilate might allow this, for Joseph was  an important man in his own right, well known to the Romans who referred to him as ‘Nobilis Decurio’, a position of high rank and status as Minister for Mines.  A  metal merchant, Joseph’s fleet of ships carried tin between Britain and Palestine. It is a well documented fact that Britain led the world in tin mining at this time and the islands were for a time afforded a degree of protection due to the valued trading connections which supplied Rome with the tin from which alloys were made. Numerous legends speak of the boy Jesus accompanying his uncle  on visits to England. This is the inspiration for Blake’s poem Jerusalem … ‘and did those feet in ancient times, walk upon Englands mountains green and was the Holy Lamb of God in Englands pleasant pastures seen’…

Following the crucifixion Joseph spent time in prison as a result of his allegiance to Jesus whose followers were being mercilessly persecuted and hounded and forced to leave Palestine by the occupying Roman authorities.  In AD37 along with a small band of disciples which included Mary Magdalene and Lazarus, he  set sail to seek refuge beyond the authority of Rome,  the islands of ‘Britaine’ on the farthest outskirts of the Roman Empire where Joseph was already well regarded.  They  landed in Marseilles, France, where they were met by a delegation of Arch Druids of France. In addition to Christians, Rome persecuted the Druidic Celtic tribes of Europe. An estimated 1 million Celts were killed in the region known today as France, with a further 1 million enslaved. This forged an unbreakable alliance between the British and French Celtic Druids. While internal tribal warfare was common among the Celts, they united fiercely against any foreign invader under their elected Pendragon, King Caradoc  (known to the Romans as Caractacus).  Lazarus and Mary remained in France and their links to the foundation of the early church there are historically documented. The main group continued on through Narbonne, Figeac, Rocamadour and Limoge to Marlaix where they were met by a delegation of British Druids led by Prince Aviragus of the royal Silurian tribe, of the Dukedom of Cornwall.

An interesting heraldic footnote: Among his many hereditary titles Prince Charles is ‘Duke of Cornwall’ a title inherited from the Celtic kingdom, he bestowed the title Duchess of Cornwall on his wife Camilla following their marriage.

Joseph and his companions were accompanied to England to ensure their safety. Crossing the English Channel they landed at Marazion Cornwall and the island of Ictis known today as Saint Michael’s Mount. Ictis was used by the Phoenicians, Greeks and  Romans trading with Cornish tin miners since ancient times, well known to Joseph whose ships would have docked there to load their cargoes of tin.

Travelling through Devon and Cornwall and the Mendip Hills, they followed what is today known as ‘The Michael and Mary Line’ a terrestrial ley line running SW across England. Boarding skiffs, (shallow hide covered rowing boats) they made their way via the River Brue and its tributary, the River Parret, through a marshy area of small islands known locally as Ynes Wyten or Avala ‘the place of apples’ a fruit sacred to the Druids. ‘Avalon’ is derived from Avala and known today as Glastonbury.

The party climbed a mound now known as Glastonbury Tor, here Prince Aviragus granted a Royal Charter of ‘a perpetual gift of 12 hides of land[‘ one hide for each apostle, representing 160 acres each, a sum total of 1,920 acres. The disciples settled and established their first church which later became an abbey. The ‘Glastonbury Charter’  was the first land ever dedicated in the name of Jesus Christ. It is the only land in the British Isles designated tax free. This charter was renewed and enlarged by successive monarchs and is recorded in the Domesday Book, the historical record of land, property and goods commissioned by William the Conquerer in 1086.  The inscription in the Domesday Book reads: ‘The Domus Dei in the great monastery of Glastonbury, called The Secret of Our Lord. This Glastonbury church possesses in its own ville X11 hides of land which have never paid tax”

This Royal Charter has long been used to prove the seniority of the British church over the church of Rome, a fact confirmed by the Vatican which recognises Joseph of Arimathea as the first apostle to Britain. Precedence dictates seating arrangements at conferences and conclaves; in settling a dispute in 1931, the Vatican Curia confirmed that Britain is the senior Christian country with the worlds first Christian church outside of Palestine, a further means by which the historical records are preserved and can be traced and authenticated.

Many  Celtic Druid chieftains were converted as Druid and Christian faiths merged with Prince Aviragus  converted by Joseph of Arimathea.  In a gesture of gratitude for the gift of land, sanctuary, respect and friendship, Joseph presented him with an insignia and Standard, customarily worn on the shield of the Chieftain. This was the ‘long cross’ a red cross on a white background which, with its unequal arms, commemorated the cross on which Jesus was crucified. In 44AD Emperor Claudius invaded Britain and the Celtic tribes fought ferociously to defend their land and culture before the country was settled by treaty. 

The ancient British Chronicles tell the story:   ‘Joseph converted this King Aviragus, by his praying to know ye laws divine. And baptized him as write hath Nennius, the Chronicler in Brytain tongue full fine and to Christian laws made him incline. And gave him then a shield of silver white, a cross and longe and overthwart full perfete. These armes were used throughout all Brytain for a common syne, each man to know his nacion. And thus his armes by Joseph Creacion, full longafore Saint George was generate, were worshipt here of mykell elder date’

The ‘long cross’ flag was adopted as the flag of the Church of England when Henry Vlll broke with the church of Rome and is still flown from churches in England today. It was later adopted by many Christian nations in the Middle Ages. The red-on-white cross used extensively across Northern Italy today is derived from the long cross of St Ambrose, bishop of Milan between 374AD and 397, adopted as the flag of Milan in1045. A text mentioned in the Genovese annals for the year 1198, refers to a red flag with a depiction of St George and the dragon. The Genoese flag with the red cross was used alongside this “George’s flag”, from at least 1218. 

The flag of England later became synonymous with the the flag of St George, the patron saint of England who was born around 280AD in Izmit, present day Turkey. He is believed to have been born of a Christian family, a high ranking aristocratic soldier of  the Roman Emperor Diocletians personal guard. He opposed the savagery of the Roman persecution and was executed on April 23rd 303AD for refusing to renounce his Christian faith. He is the patron saint of  many other countries including Aragon, Catalonia, Georgia, Lithuania, Palestine, Portugal, Germany, Greece, Moscow, Istanbul, Genoa and Venice. St George was considered to embody the values of courage and faith embraced by Christian tradition. 

For many the cross remains irrevocably associated with the ignominy of the Crusades in the Middle Ages, initiated and directed by the church of Rome. The red cross was adapted as the Cross of the Knights Templar, a military Order of the church of Rome and worn on the chest of the knights. Crusaders were drawn from Christian European nations during the religous wars against Muslims and  so called heretics i.e. those who did not adhere to Catholic dogma.  

The heritage of a nation is conserved and displayed in Heraldry. The long cross is incorporated into the Coat of Arms of the City of London and is also the ensign of the Royal Navy, along with the Union flag of the United Kingdom.

When Joseph of Arimathea and his friends climbed Glastonbury Tor over 2,000 years ago the weary travellers planted their staffs to commemorate the journey, a path now known as  Wearyall Hill. Joseph planted his staff, made from the Levantine thorn of Palestine, it took root and became a tree over time and for centuries flowered at Christmas and Easter. It was desecrated by Oliver Cromwell’s troops during the Civil War 1642- 1651 and despite suffering repeated vandalism was replanted each time and continued to bloom. Sprigs were sent to the Queen each Christmas and today a sprig of the HolyThorn grows in the gardens of Highgrove the home of Prince Charles, a legacy of the nations Christian past and the promise of todays multi faith traditions.





Ancient wisdom predating materialist science by thousands of years, teaches that the purpose of Life is the evolution of consciousness, an awakening to our true origin and identity as spirit. All spiritual traditions hold that the soul is the eternal aspect of consciousness which survives the death of the physical  body, they differ however in their interpretation of the journey. Humanity has searched for answers, formulating belief systems adapted through time to provide a framework from which to consider our origins with over 40 Creation myths proving surprisingly similar.  The roots of the major world religions with their many branches are as old as humanity, founded by those who epitomised the concepts. Their individualised message is first crystallised, attracting millions of adherents, before becoming fossilised by dogma and interpretation, then to be renewed by the next Messenger.  Disillusionment with the rise of materialistic science coupled with recent financial and child abuse scandals within the churches has led  many to seek alternative paths. In turning once more to the sacred origins of Eastern philosophies, the so called ‘New Age’ movement is forging new alliances to reintroduce ancient truths.

 The Geometry of Divinity: In metaphysical terms the soul is an aspect of God consciousness, stepped down through vibrational fields to experience life in the physical dimension as an individuated consciousness. This Source is variously referred to as Brahma, God, Allah or the ‘I AM’. Other religions including Buddhism do not believe in a personification of God but acknowledge divine incarnations, those who serve humanity as enlightened beings. The ‘I AM Presence’ of sacred scripture is the spark, a divine essence present within each soul. Human consciousness is dual, comprised of form and formlessness, the soul residing intermittently within etheric dimensions between lives. The lower aspect takes form in the lower register of the physical world as the ‘soul personality’ to gain evolutionary progress through experience.

 Descent of the Soul: According to esoteric tradition  the soul links to the foetus while in the womb,through a developing subtle energy field of chakras and meridians. Opinions differ as to when this occurs. ‘Other life memory’ is encoded at the cellular level and within a memory sheath encapsulating mental/emotional frequencies governing cognitive and sensory faculties.  Together these fields morph into an interactive unit, of body, mind and spirit to provide vehicles of  locomotion, thought, feeling and perception.

The soul expressed as human consciousness retains an energetic connection with its divine origin through the heart chakra.  During pregnancy the heart begins to beat at 22 days gestation, followed by active foetal blood circulation by the end of week 4. In esoteric tradition, this is believed to be the impulse from the ‘I AM Presence’ maintaining connection through the mediation of the ‘Higher Self’, the aspect of consciousness which holds the accrued wisdom of perfected lives. 

Guidance and Free Will:  The Higher Self overshadows the soul on Earth via morphogenetic planetary fields of radiating light, however, the lower consciousness can only be guided in accordance with Free Will.  In order to make sense of the physical environment , the soul is first directed by the Intellectual cognitive consciousness (the lower mental)  which corresponds with the ego or self identity. Immersion in the gross vibration veils the higher perception, resulting in identification with the physical body and the material world. Dependent upon its evolutionary progress, the soul may become increasingly enmeshed believing this to be the true reality. With an increasing focus upon the material world, the connection with the Higher Self is eroded, resulting in agnosticism or atheism, a complete denial of spiritual identity. The soul is then governed by the intellectual lower intelligence or egoic consciousness.

Sleeping Souls: Those who have not yet awakened to their true reality are described as ‘sleeping’, when a soul awakens and seeks greater spiritual understanding, connection is made with the ‘Higher Self. Optimum opportunities, often described as ‘serendipity’ or coincidence, then arise in the physical world through significant meetings or experiences which provide alternative choices. Intuitive faculties can then develop to assist the unfolding of higher awareness. Where spiritual awareness is maintained, the Light core at the centre of the physical body ignites and expands absorbing and recalibrating the vibratory frequency through a process of transmutation. If there is continued application through continuous alignment a partnership evolves between the lower and the higher consciousness to allow increased awareness of a Life Plan to nurture purpose and function.

Downloading the Data:  The Akashic Record described by mystics and sages refers to a cosmic field which holds the record of of all that has happened in the Universe, a Cosmic databank which conserves and conveys information. This field correlates with the Zero Point Field lately discovered by science. Quantum science is now confirming the morphogenetic fields initially proposed by biologist Rupert Sheldrake as collective data banks of recorded experience. It is a fact of physics that energy fields are unbounded, this means that human energy fields extend indefinitely beyond Time and Space and are not limited by the body or the brain.  Soviet scientists from the Bio-information Institute, headed by A. S. Popow, measured the bio-currents manifested in the energy surrounding the human body which they called the “bio-field”. They discovered that living organisms emanate vibrations at a frequency between 300 and 2,000 nano-meters, evidencing that a strong and widespread bio-field can transfer energy more successfully. (the principle behind spiritual healing.)

Research now shows that these informational data banks of sub atomic particles carry genetic patterns, including DNA, which act like energy templates to carry the genetic data required to generate cellular activity at the subtle level, with subsequent biological genetic imprinting. Morphogenetic fields are derived from a body’s own past actions and from the structures and actions of ancestors.   A pattern holds the collective record of human evolution, imprinting mankind at a sub conscious level, an explanation of Carl Jungs’ theory of the Collective Unconscious. The individual soul is therefore imprinted with both a collective and a personal history relating to past incarnations, this is the karmic sheath  of the auric field through which the memory of other lives is passed. A morphogenetic field is therefore a pattern of information that determines behaviour.

Physical death: With the death of the body, physical matter disintegrates and dissolves, the imprinted molecular structure of the subtle energy fields is retained as a ‘light body’ and returns to the astral dimension. The mental/emotional field retains the samskaras’ (imprints) recorded in the memory body which then gravitates to receive deeper understanding through the Life Review. This is the intermediary astral plane plane accessed by mediums and psychics, which allows for contact with deceased relatives. It is also the dimension described in ‘Near Death’ and ‘Out of Body Experiences.’ When the cycle of instruction has been completed, the Higher Self then draws upon the sub atomic residual particles of experience to initiate a new vehicle and rebirth occurs. In this way an opportunity is provided to meet once again with souls previously encountered to resolve differences or to complete unfinished tasks. The Law of Karma – Cause and Effect is enacted through the continuity of consciousness.

Ascension of the Soul: The soul evolves through a process of refinement, an evolved soul continues the journey in service to others, overcoming increasing challenges to gain wisdom and compassion. The consciousness of such a soul remains connected to the Higher Self accepting guidance as it moves between the planes to guide the soul personality. This evolutionary process occurs through a continuity of lives in accordance with a predetermined Life Plan and purpose which allows for the completion of a cycle of lives. In order to ascend, the enlightened soul relinquishes not only the physical body but the associated residual mental/emotional imprints which dissolve allowing the soul  to merge with the Higher Self. A highly evolved soul having achieved multiple ‘ascensions’  has no requirement for further embodiment. Such a soul then operates from the realm of the ‘I AM Presence’ of Master souls, bodhisattvas and those beings who have elected to serve humanity.



                                               A RETURN TO OUR ORIGINS









SACRED CALENDERS OF TIME  – Rise and Fall of Consciousness


In a secular Age when science has displaced Divinity in the never ending debate about the origin of Creation, ancient wisdom is dismissed as superstition, along with a framework which answers many of the questions science is seeking to resolve. Meanwhile biologists, anthropologists, archaeologists, geologists and cosmologists pool their knowledge as the latest discoveries confirm the wisdom literature, allowing science to adjust its theories regarding the evolution of mankind through Cycles and Ages. Archeology confirms that  the first cities arose in ancient China, Mesopotamia and India, however historians remain unaware that today we are recording only the most recent time period, a partial record at best. Sacred records provide an account of Cycles and Ages preceding our own calendar of time. This record is lost to the masses for global cataclysm creates a break in Time when the collective memory of mankind becomes subconscious; the memory of the Lost Continent of Atlantis is an example of this. Continue reading

Evidence for December 25th as the birth date for Jesus

A title bestowed upon Jesus is ‘The Light of the World’,  the   supreme demonstration of the light in action as the ‘Son of God.’ We might perhaps expect the predestined birth of a World Saviour, or Messiah, to coincide with celestial cycles, the birth of Jesus at the winter Solstice and his death at the Spring Equinox occurred in accordance with the Law of Cycles. This is mirrored in  the pagan festivals aligned to solar and lunar cycles which honour the natural rhythms of earth, sea and sky.

The debate continues as to the actual year of birth for Jesus with scholars and historians placing this anywhere between 6 BC and 2 BC.  The traditional birth date of 25th December is dismissed by many on the basis that this was ‘borrowed’ from the existing Roman pagan celebration of the winter Solstice.  The festival of ‘Sol Invictus’ was introduced  by the emperor Aurelian in 274AD to honour his name which refers to the rising sun.   In 313AD Emperor Constantine legalized Christianity which spread across the empire. His successor Julian reverted to pagan beliefs and  formalized December 25th as ‘the birthday of the sun’  by which time this date was already acknowledged for the birth of Jesus.  It is not disputed that the Christian Church subsequently adopted and adapted pagan festivals as an effective means of converting the masses.  This does not invalidate the date but highlights the link between cosmic cycles and auspicious  events.  With a greater understanding  we can see how such synchronicity might come about naturally, rather than through manipulation as Continue reading

Spiritual Alchemy – Divine Wisdom


Alchemy – the very word conjures up visions of medieval sorcerers poring over their crucibles in an attempt to turn base metal into gold. Although great efforts were indeed made by medieval alchemists to achieve such ends, the true meaning of ‘alchemy’ has been distorted and lost through the Ages. While the dictionary may state that the origin is French ‘alquemie’ meaning ‘mixture’, we must go back to pre history for the true origins. The word alchemy is derived from Khem, the original name for the land of Egypt which took its name from ‘the Khema’ a group of seven stars in the constellation of Taurus, known today as the Pleiades. The prefix Al was added much later through Arabic Egyptian assimilation. Continue reading

Climate Change and the Fall of Civilizations



California is experiencing both severe drought and flooding. .California sunshine has been replaced by devastating flooding with in excess of 300mm in 3 places. In the Sierra Nevada mountains snow fell to a depth of 2 metres at some ski resorts, a 14 year old boy was rescued after being buried in snow which fell from the roof of his home. On the other side of the US   tornadoes hit Florida. 

US officials declared the first ever water shortage from the Colorado River which provides drinking water for 40 million people, irrigation for farms and hydropower to seven Western states and parts of Mexico.2021 is the third driest year in California for the past 100 years, while the previous years was the 9th driest year on record and drought is anticipated next year.  Warmer temperatures are worsening the droughts, reducing water to reservoirs and lengthening wildfire seasons and worsening conditions for cold-water fish species, such as salmon.  California’s top fire official stated that fires raging across Northern California are wiping out forests that are central to plans to reduce carbon emissions, fires are exceedingly resistant to control in drought-sapped vegetation — and they’re on pace to exceed last year’s record of land burned; the most in modern history.

The cost of flooding in 2019 in Europe was estimated as

Extreme weather cost Europe was estimated at half a trillion euros in 2019. In 2021 flooding has been   widespread  affecting  Britain, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Rumania, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Switzerland with damage to infrastructure very severe in Belgium and Germany.

Globally severe flooding also occurred in Pakistan,Turkey, China, India, Afghanistan,  and New Zealand. In late July, parts of India saw  (23 inches) of rain in just days, while Manila and outlying provinces in the Philippines were inundated by torrential rains, causing mass evacuations and crop damage. 

Just a year ago, the Greater Horn of Africa and Yemen suffered the largest desert locust outbreak in 25 years, triggered by record rains. In Ethiopia alone more than 356,000 tons of cereals were lost, leaving almost 1 million people food insecure. Climate change is devastating key agricultural regions around the world. From the grain heartland of Argentina to the tomato belt of California to the pork hub of China, extreme weather events have driven down output and driven up global commodity prices. On July 29, a wide area of Brazil even saw snow.  The coffee harvest will be damaged. World coffee prices are rising. Other crops could be impacted, as Brazil is the planet’s biggest exporter of sugar, orange juice and soybeans.

“transformational change” that the draft IPCC report calls for, largely because governments worldwide have yet to act aggressively to address the scale of the catastrophe unfolding planetwide at breakneck speed.International Energy Agency predict the world will record “the highest levels of carbon dioxide output in human history” this year.The draft IPCC report warns: “Life on Earth can recover from a drastic climate shift by evolving into new species and creating new ecosystems. Humans cannot.”


Historians have long puzzled over the sudden demise of established civilizations;  Dought and flooding have been cited in the demise of several including the Maya of Central America, the Anasazi Indians of the American Southwest, the Moche of Peru and the Tiwanaku of Bolivia. Climate change research now also indicates why many of the major cities of the Indus Civilisation, of present-day Pakistan and India were abandoned due to a sudden weakening of the summer monsoon affecting northwest India 4,100 years ago. University of Cambridge scientists Professor David Hodell and Dr Cameron Petrie have demonstrated that the resulting drought led to the decline of cities. “It is essential to understand the link between human settlement, water resources and landscape in antiquity, and this research is an important step in that direction,” explained Dr Petrie. “We hope that this will hold lessons for us as we seek to find means of dealing with climate change in our own and future generations.”

Four thousand years ago in Mesopotamia, the area we today call Iraq, the Akkadian and Sumerian civilizations flourished. Three thousand years ago a network of advanced civilizations included the Old Kingdom of  Egypt (2649–2150 B.C.) early Bronze Age cities in Palestine, and the early Minoan civilization. Eight hundred years later the population abruptly left their homes and fled south, abandoning the cities due to a drought that lasted 300 years.  The latest research shows how subtle shifts in atmospheric circulation could have scorched Mesopotamia and the greater region leading to drought, famine, civil unrest and mass migration. Continue reading

Last Call – Hopi Prophecy Rock

 HOPI PROPHECY ROCK: Oraibi  Arizona: The Hopi believe that there have been 3 worlds before this one and that we are inhabiting the 4th world of creation. Their legends tell of those who were saved from the Great Flood who made a sacred covenant with the Great Spirit.   Ears of corn of different sizes were placed before the leaders of the four different racial groups  each was to choose which would be their food in this world. The Hopi waited until last and picked the smallest ear of corn. At this, the Great Spirit said: “It is well done. You have obtained the real corn, for all the others are imitations in which are hidden seeds of different plants. You have shown me your intelligence; for this reason I will place in your hands these sacred stone tablets, Tiponi, symbol of power and authority over all land and life to guard, protect, and hold in trust for me until I shall return to you in a later day, for I am the First and I am the Last.” Continue reading

Metaphysics of the Shroud of Turin- Message in the Flowers

 Message in the Flowers: The Shroud of Turin is believed by many to be the piece of cloth which wrapped the body of Jesus in the tomb. Debate has continued for centuries as to its authenticity. It is known to have travelled widely through Europe and beyond and said to have been brought to Europe by the Templars. The firstjesus-0172 images of the face on the shroud were taken when an amateur photographer developed the photographs he had taken in the cathedral; the negative image clearly showed an image of a face. No trace of forgery or scientific explanation was found. In 1998 the Catholic church gave permission for radio carbon dating to take place and the faith of many was rocked when this was given as 1325. The dating however was later discredited  as the sample of cloth dated was contaminated through handling through the centuries. Continue reading

Weather Patterns, Prophecy and Prediction

Edgar-CyceHow is it possible that psychics and seers have predicted the current Earth Changes decades, even hundreds of years before they began to occur? Edgar Cayce (1877 -1945) was living an ordinary life following traditional  Christian beliefs  when in a trance state he spontaneously began to channel information of which he formerly had no knowledge or interest. He became the most documented psychic of the 20th century accurately predicting the Stock Market Crash, The Great Depression of 1929 and the beginning of WW2. Even more dire were his warnings concerning Earth Changes and weather patterns. He stated “There are predictions of temperature changes in deep waters which impact weather patterns, earthquakes, pole shifts, and volcanic eruptions.”

Asked if solar phases were in any way linked to changing weather patterns he emphasised the link between solar patterns and population.“..emphasis be placed in the condition of density, or population, combined with the solar conditions to bring about certain changes in the sea and the currents…”  Cayce went on to indicate that the rising ocean heat is directly related to the size of sun spots. He was emphatic that it was the reflection of the sun in the earth’s atmosphere and not the sun’s radiation that cause the currents to grow warmer. More than half a century before global warming came to the attention of science Cayce  confirmed the deterioration in the ozone layer as a factor in reflecting solar rays.

POLE SHIFTQuestioned as to any significant impending changes at the turn of the century to herald the dawning of a New Age, Cayce reported “a shifting of the poles”. Today science confirms a10% decrease in the Earths magnetic field during the past decade and the shifting of the poles has affected GPS (Global Positioning Systems) requiring recalibration. In 2011 Tampa International Airport, USA closed the main runway for a week in order to adjust taxiways and signage to the new magnetic pole direction. Other airports in America and around the world have also adjusted their flight paths and runways. Earth’s magnetic poles constantly move but in recent decades, the shift in the magnetic North pole has increased dramatically according to NASA from 10 km a year to 40 km per year.

Reassuringly Cayce remained very emphatic that nothing was written in stone. During his readings, he constantly reminded that prayer and right thought of consciousness could alter the dire future he foresaw. In more recent times Dr Masaru Emoto the Japanese researcher demonstrated that water molecules are directly affected by human  behaviour. He stated that he believed the current extreme global weather patterns of drought and flooding were a reflection of the imbalance in human consciousness and the effects could be mitigated by prayer.

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Dr Masaru Emoto – One more Beacon to Light our Way

Emoto 1It seems an ever increasing number of enlightened souls who have left an indelible imprint upon the planet are moving on to brighter spheres.  As we reflect upon the passing of  Dr Masaru Emoto and  the immense contribution he has made in raising planetary awareness, we celebrate a unique individual who did much to awaken the consciousness of mankind. There can be few people who are blessed to leave such a legacy of beauty to  demonstrate their work. The lasting images which come to mind whenever his name is mentioned  will surely be of the beautiful water crystals he brought to our attention. (See archive blog: Water crystals – Matrix and Molecules)

The concept that consciousness is present in every aspect of life, including organic and Emoto 3mineral now seems less alien to the general public because of his enlightened research. We should have expected no less from such a humble man  than that the last words he spoke were ‘Thank you”  I join the millions worldwide in saying ‘Arigato’ (thank you) Dr Emoto for enriching our lives and inspiring so many, particularly the young to continue your work.

July 22,1943 – October 17,2014
“We must begin by learning what it is to have enough…to feel gratitude for having been born on a planet so rich in nature and gratitude for the water that makes our life possible. If you open your eyes you will see that the world is full of so much that deserves our gratitude. When you have become the embodiment of gratitude, think about how pure the water that fills your body will be. When this happens, you yourself will be a beautiful shining crystal of light.”Emoto 2