MESSAGE FOR HUMANITY – To those entrusted with Leadership past and present

Spontaneous channelled communication received as guided writing from a higher stream of consciousness in 1991. This constant contact guided spiritual communities over the next three decades. I felt the words should be published but was told ‘not at this time’ until in December 2021 I was instructed to make the guidance public under Message for Humanity as ‘this is the time’… Now we see why.


Imagine for a moment, every thought and word and deed

That you have been a party to this day

Had somehow been recorded for eternity

Then multiply the days to make the week

The weeks to make the month

The month to make the year


Now looking back in memory, recall the years gone by

Some you remember with the fonder smile

Some you would rather hide away from sight

And if this record now were placed on view for all to see

Would you be happy to acknowledge it

Or how much editing would you prefer?


There is a cosmic record of the soul

The Book of Life, of which we long were taught

Do not assign such knowledge to the fairy tale

For all in time will view the Cosmic Record lit by Light

And then the true account will be revealed

Of action and intention wrong or right


In viewing selfishness or nobler deeds.

In that one moment it is seen

That rarely was the picture black or white

As shades of grey emerge to give the light and shade

And so perception changes as the film unrolls

And judgement of another is withheld


Compassion or a sterner judgement is reserved

For our own weaknesses and pride… and so we see

Demands placed on another bring regret

Until we seek again the chance to pay the debt

And in reflection here we find

I am my brother’s keeper… he is mine.

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