MESSAGE FOR HUMANITY – To those who have forgotten

Guided writing received  as direct communication June1991, the first of many over several years. Never published as the instruction was “Not for this time”  December 6th 2021 at 6pm: Instructed to release on the internet  “For this time”.


If you were sent in exile to live upon a star, darkened by indulgence, ignorance and fear, what would reassure you as you left the brighter sphere? The sure and certain knowledge that you would not be alone, that loving friends would greet you when you met again once more. But what if in their journeying the memory had gone of the purpose for the journey and the time when friends were one.

In order to safeguard reunion at right time a blueprint was provided, ensuring cosmic plan would be fulfilled and not the will of man. And since the journey was an endless one, through difficult terrain, it could not be entrusted to parchment or to brain, so by the grace of heaven is encoded in the cells, molecular construction in which the spirit dwells.

It’s in the heart and soul that recognition dawns ,of cosmic aspiration and memory of selves and so the law allows pre-coded memory to be reactivated to set the captives free. A name, a time, a face, a place, the memory will dawn as they slowly waken from their sleep, to stretch and then to yawn and opening eyes and hearts to a new life are reborn. The old day dies, the new begins, to make a brighter morn.

To those who sit in wakefulness unable now to sleep but not yet able to recall the memory so deep, have patience and examine the evidence to hand; the answers to the questions before the questions planned. Or search and seek for answers from another source, philosophy, to dull the nagging hunger and the pain, the lives of desperation, the silence of conspiracy, aridity and waste.

To sit in contemplation in the safety net of Time is a necessary process and must not be denied. But to each season there’s a purpose under heaven and when the hourglass is turned according to the law, the lesson will be learned. And then with plan well read and memorised, the preparation can begin to make the new ones wise.

As battle lines are drawn and challenges are met, the pain of separation is inevitable, yet in turning to each other before the battle starts, you can create the solid fortress of a loving heart. If to do the will of heaven is all that you desire, to bring the Light of Freedom and the Holy Spirits fire…the love of friends is needed so you do not stand alone – the guardians and protectors to you will be made known. It’s now you must relinquish all the past security, remembering the fiat of the Lord to ‘Rest on Me’.

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