Spontaneous channelled communication was received as guided writing from a higher stream of consciousness   in 1991. This constant contact guided spiritual communities over the next three decades.

I felt the words should be published but was told ‘not at this time’ until in December 2021 I was instructed to make the guidance public under Message for Humanity as ‘this is the time’… Now we see why.


Keeper of dreams, follow your heart…back to the realms, truth now impart

Stand with the friends who guide and surround you, stilling the thoughts of all that confounds you

Shining together, step into the bright,  hold hands with others, becoming the Light

Remember the dream which all came to share, bringing the memory now shrouded in care

And when you falter in darkest of night, look to the altar of heavens guiding light

Feel it within you… closing your eyes, seeing the beauty, follow its light

The starlight above, the star shine below, keeping the promise for all who then know

Anchored forever in loves golden beam, empower the vision, step into the dream.

See: #Messages for Humanity


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