Heart centred?

In a time of much confusion, delusion and self deception, the constant claim by so many of being ‘heart centred’, while well meaning, sadly does not stand up to scrutiny. The global experience of the majority in the world today confirms a lack of love rather than an abundance. To be truly heart centred requires more than a statement or even an intention, we must engage energetically from the neural pathways within the heart. (See Medicine and Mysticism Meet:  http://www.livingmemoryresearch.net/blog/?p=6)

Love is linked to unselfish desire, pure motive, the ability to give and to receive. Emotional connection is a sensory response, an energetic pull with anticipation of reciprocation, borne of personal need. Our relationship to each other and to the world can be measured by the degree of separation between the demands we place on others and our ability to give without receiving, referred to as unconditional love. For most of us the resting place is somewhere in between.

Emotional attachment which does not develop into love manifests in unequal relationship where one party does more of the taking than giving, or in  volatile, confrontational  or obsessive partnerships. Love  should never  be confused with inappropriately responding to the needs of others which is in fact a need to be needed. This results in  imbalance for both the giver and the recipient.

Unconditional love, the ultimate expression, is beyond expectation, equating with compassion and selflessness, a much higher order. This is a work in progress…a bud unfolding. At times the highest expression of love is shown by doing nothing, allowing the other to learn by experience… something which  requires scrupulous self assessment of our motives.


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