On the 31st October each year the ritual of Halloween is celebrated with little or no thought for its origins which lie in the belief that at this time there is a thinning of the veils between the manifest and the astral worlds.  Many  continue to take advantage of this window of opportunity maintaining their traditions of communicating with the spirits of those who have departed this world.  For some this is a positive act of remembrance, for others an opportunity to interact with negative forces. In either case  we are engaging our psychic energy to create a connection, linking the physical and astral realms and should be aware of the inherent vulnerability and need for respect.


The latest scientific research confirms that our thoughts create our environment moment to moment.  We might therefore pause to consider before opening psychic portals by engaging in seemingly innocuous activities which focus on the astral.  Might we in fact unwittingly invite guests of the discarnate variety as we stumble into their domain.  Few of us would open our door to a stranger of questionable character late at night, yet we open the energetic doors to admit frequencies and personalities some of which are at best dubious and at worst potentially hostile.   Whether we accept or deny the reality of dimensions beyond the physical they will continue to exist along with those who inhabit them.   Skepticism is healthy but should be coupled with respect for what we do not fully understand.

Numerous research programmes have determined that consciousness survives the body,  an evolutionary journey which is continuous.  We are the same the moment after we leave the body as we were in life; consciousness, whether in the body or discarnate, evolves in response to our desires and motives.   This should lead us to the conclusion that  just as in the physical reality there are people we would wish to spend time with and others we would hope not to meet on a dark night, discernment is needed if we venture across the threshold of awareness. Here we might pause to consider the significance of auric fields, both the personal electromagnetic energy fields which surround us and the non-local fields normally beyond our conscious perception.  Those able to perceive non physical realms and spheres through clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient faculties, also perceive the conscious personalities who inhabit them.

Since ‘Halloween’ does indeed present us with a ‘thinning of the veils’ why not use the opportunity positively to link to symbolic images associated with the higher vibration, encouraging our children to enjoy their parties, dressing up as elves, fairies, angels, devas, a Mage or Star Ship commander!  The phenomenon of the Harry Potter books has tapped into the natural interest in the supernatural shared by all children, sadly the focus is on manipulation, sometimes blurring the definition between positive and negative forces.

Halloween is a perfect opportunity to remind children of the need for energy awareness.  They will enjoy using the simple Emerald Alignment exercise to feel safe and protected; it is free, quick and easy to use.


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