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Carol Lamb has been instrumental in founding spiritual communities from the early nineties; the role of  memory and the  continuity of consciousness is her specific focus.  A decade in nursing and social care led Carol to her work as a trauma therapist in the late 1980s; experiences of direct non local contact followed.

Through this source a pre determined life plan to establish a healing and teaching network was revealed to her and became her life’s work. This continuous  transmission of a stream of higher consciousness has guided her work from that time.

In a spiritual sense, humanity is terminally ill.  The disease is refusal to live in cooperation with cosmic law, for we have forgotten who we are and why we are here.  Science and materialism have become the new religion displacing spirituality, yet growing numbers are seeking a return to the indefinable ‘something more’ through the Soul Sciences.  A fusion of science and  ancient wisdom is now occurring with information freely available to the masses for the first time.

We invite you to join us in a Spiritual Quest.    

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Integrating Science and Metaphysics

- The Wisdom of the Ages

The content, relating to the origins of consciousness and the multi dimensional nature of the soul has been fulfilled through Rainbow Light Trust, a non profit spiritual community. The Academy of Spiritual Sciences is the designated training body for her ‘Quantum Light’  programme. Carol’s ‘Paranormal Matters’ radio channel explores the soul sciences and her books are published through Epiphany Press. Her current focus is intuitive research with colleagues through the Living Memory Research Programme.