Jesus Chronicles

The Lost Teachings

By Carol Lamb

Who was Jesus?  What was his message?

An examination of the life of Jesus Christ from the mystical perspective of quantum science, an alchemical blend of science and religion.  The book traces a historical timeline proposing a preordained divine mission, with Jesus as the Master of the Piscean Age, guiding humanity in preparation for the tumultuous times, which would signal the current transition to the Age of Aquarius.  The teaching Jesus gave is founded in cosmic law, the nature of spirit and matter and the Law of Karma and Rebirth; through his miracles he demonstrated the alchemy of transmutation and manifestation as the path of personal Ascension for all.  The universal principles Jesus taught are enshrined in the sacred texts of the Vedas, Upanishads, Kabala and the Qur’an.  Early Coptic, Hindu, Buddhist and Gnostic texts provide evidence of his journeys through Egypt, India and Tibet, with Celtic Triads affirming that Jesus visited the isles of Britain many times.

A belief in reincarnation, the refinement of the soul through the continuity of lives, was a cornerstone of his teaching.  This message of freedom conflicted with the need for power and control of the masses and his followers were hounded and persecuted by the power elite.  Following the crucifixion, the first followers including Joseph of Arimathea and Mary the mother of Jesus, were forced to flee Palestine; safe haven was afforded them in Glastonbury, England where the first mission was established.

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At the time of the Roman occupation of Britain, intermarriage between Celtic princesses and Roman generals led to the foundation of the first church in Rome, centuries later this became the Vatican.  Core elements of the original teaching were removed by emperors and popes in the early centuries. By removing the tenets of karma and rebirth, personal responsibility became limited to one life only with ultimate responsibility uniquely invested in Jesus as Saviour.  The description of the journey of the soul through realms and spheres became misconstrued and misrepresented as the ‘Heaven and Hell’ of orthodox Christianity, binding millions to an imperfect interpretation.  For centuries, those who adhered to his original message were imprisoned, tortured and put to death by the church hierarchy for their beliefs and the consequences for mankind have been immeasurable.  The fascinating alternative history of Christianity is based in evidential research and direct experience of akashic records, at times confirming and at others conflicting with the orthodox account, an opportunity to reflect upon what has been lost through time.

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